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Any plans for IFTTT integration?

Joachim Oelschlägel 2 years ago in bOS Server updated by Flávio Sanches (ComfortClick) 1 year ago 11

Harmony hub control

Christiaens Filip 4 years ago in bOS Server updated 6 months ago 10


For now I control my harmony hub via comfortclick with a workaround.

I do a http command to a raspberry pi running a http server with node.js and it calls harmonyHubControl which can access the harmony hub using activtiy and command ids.

This is great because you can teach the hub new IR commands.

So I can not only start activities but also control IR relais and sockets (cheap stuff).

I just read that harmony has released (don't know when) and API for the hub. Any plans to integrate this as a device in comfortclick?


This would make things much easier and I add a lot of value to your product.

Under review

server repair --> Grinder not answering anymore

Francois Lesueur 1 year ago in bOS Server updated by ComfortClick Support 1 year ago 6


I had to do a "server repair" on Grinder. 

Ended up with a dead black box : couldn't connect either to bOS, nor to Windows (remotely). 

I had to find a screen and a keyboard, to hook them up to the Grinder, and then I understood the issue : Windows was requesting the password to be changed, and it just blocked everything.

So, issue fixed. But I though it was important to write a post about it : 

- so that if you face the same problem you can easily fix it

- so that the ComfortClick people can make the black box a real black box you never have to worry about, as this was sold to me when I bought reluctantly a Windows box...

Under review

Activate RPC in Jigsaw device

Fernando Prodoin 1 year ago in bOS Server updated by ComfortClick Support 1 year ago 2

Hello! I'm trying to use the RPC Server in my Jigsaw device, but I can't find the way. I try to log into the linux configuracion of Jigsaw, but have no user and password. How can I activate the RPC Server? Thank you!!

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Dinamically disable controls

Ricardo Pinto | visiontech.pt 2 years ago in bOS Server updated by ComfortClick Support 2 years ago 1


I've created an info status button + SMS notification task for when the connection of the KNX BUS fails.

But what I would like to do, would be to lock the KNX controls, while there's no BUS connection, because IMHO the controls shouldn't be available if there's no connection. I know that there's an error message if you press them, but I would like to take it further.

I've searched everything but couldn't find any way to do that, is it possible?

Also, this could useful to dynamically disabled a certain button or whatever we would like, let's say disabled an Arm button if something's already armed, etc etc...

Best regards


No RPC-port started after upgrade to 4.4.0

Fredrik Sandblom 2 years ago in bOS Server updated by anonymous 1 year ago 4

Have the following values in BOSService.exe.config that have worked before upgrade to 4.4.0.

After upgrade port is not started.

    <add key="RPCServiceUri" value="http://localhost:81/" />
    <add key="EnableRPC" value="True" />


RPC is not working

Andrzej Szymkowicz 1 week ago in bOS Server updated 3 days ago 8


RPC is Enable, user and password i set, but curl command returns nothing:

curl --insecure -X POST -H "Content-type: application/json" -d '{"objectName":"Devices\Sonos\Speakers\Office L","valueName":"Connected"}' https://andy:andy@

What am I doing wrong?

bos installed on windows machine, ver. 4.6.31.



Can add netmask for local net?

A. R. 2 weeks ago in bOS Server updated 2 weeks ago 7

Hello, cant get working local on large networks, where comfortclick server not in /24 net-mask.

Under review

Bos Service Monitor connection problem

Sergio Fernandez 1 month ago in bOS Server updated by Ricardo Pinto | visiontech.pt 2 weeks ago 4

Hi, I have a problem when I want to use Bos Service Monitor to program in the office ....... I start the Bos Service Monitor
... I start the Bos Config ..... I look for him and he finds him but he doesn't connect me, he always gives me a connection error and doesn't connect. I use Parallels virtual machine on Mac, but it has always worked well for me. What's the problem? If I connect with the Bos Config to hardware server, it works OK. Thank you.


SMTP E-mail not working?

Ricardo Pinto | visiontech.pt 2 months ago in bOS Server updated 2 months ago 1


Has anyone facing troubles using SMTP e-mails?

I have everything configured the same way in several devices, and my SMTP is actually working on a Grinder, on my local software based demo, but on my Jigsaw it doesn't send any e-mails...

The Configurator version is 4.6.26.

I already rebooted the Jigsaw, but it still doesn't send any e-mails.

The network is configured correctly, and the remote access is also working. It just doesn't send any e-mails...

Best regards