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Sonos cover picture

Francois Lesueur 1 year ago in Devices / Sonos 0

All objects are available to use in panels, except the cover picture. It's only available on the standard control, and it's a shame, because a cover picture is always nice looking, for example on a free positioning panel showing an entire room. Would it be possible to add this cover picture object to the list of available objects ? 

Another nice improvement would be the ability to group players without going through the Sonos App - but of course that's a bit more complicated. 


Sonos ungroup

Dave@CKS 7 months ago in Devices / Sonos 0

In the new BOS version (4.5.x) is it possible to group speakers.

Is it also possible to ungroup speakers?

Example: group speaker 1 + speaker 2 to group 1 and then ungroup group 1 to speaker 1 and speaker 2.

Under review

Sonos groups not available after downgrade beta

N Muthu 1 year ago in Devices / Sonos updated by Andy Gill 1 year ago 6

Sonos groups not available after downgrade beta to stable, and any chances I get that again? 

Under review

ChangeStationByUri(stationName, streamingUrl)

Giordano Olmi 1 year ago in Devices / Sonos updated by Richard 1 year ago 4

Hi, I would like to use the function "ChangeStationByUri(stationName, streamingUrl)" in the sonos system

Do you have the example?

Best regards


Under review

Sonos display problem when players are grouped together

Francois Lesueur 2 years ago in Devices / Sonos updated 1 year ago 11


I have 5 Sonos players. When they play different musics, all is fine. When I group together some players, only one of the players continues to display the title and the album picture correctly. The other ones do not display picture anymore, the title is wrong (it is the title that was previously played). The track time is also incorrect. 

I often get the "Cyclical reference detected" on one of the Sonos devices, but this might not be linked to the above issue. 

Thank  you for your help,



Playing sound file on a specific Sonos device

Bart Schellens 3 years ago in Devices / Sonos updated by Clivaz Sébastien 2 months ago 11

Can someone tell me how to play a specific sound file in the Music Library of my Sonos system on a specific Sonos. I'm trying to use the ChangeStationByUri(stationName, streamingUrl) function but no success yet. The command is being transferred to the Sonos player when I put the link to the file (\\NAS-....) instead of stationName (and leave streamingURL blank) but my Sonos controller tells me "Unable to locate ...". Also tried putting the audio file in my Sonos favorites and calling the favorite in bOS but no luck so far.