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Sonos cover picture

Francois Lesueur 3 years ago in Devices / Sonos 0

All objects are available to use in panels, except the cover picture. It's only available on the standard control, and it's a shame, because a cover picture is always nice looking, for example on a free positioning panel showing an entire room. Would it be possible to add this cover picture object to the list of available objects ? 

Another nice improvement would be the ability to group players without going through the Sonos App - but of course that's a bit more complicated. 


SONOS to play radio stations

Dilight-Smart Solution Ltd Dil 10 months ago in Devices / Sonos updated by Ricardo Pinto | visiontech.pt 10 months ago 1

Was anyone able to configure a bos program to play a radio station?

Also to play Spotify playlist?

Thanks, Ziv

Under review

Controling Sonos is unreliable and limited

Peter Elvidge 3 weeks ago in Devices / Sonos updated 3 weeks ago 3

Hi,  I have been trying to get reliable control of sonos from bos for a while.  Volume and play / pause / stop / skip etc.  seem to consistently work well.  However - selecting playlists sometimes works sometimes does not - and I cant figure out any pattern.  Often I call PlayPlaylist(playlistName) and it just clears whats in the current queue - I call exactly the same command again and it loads the playlist and plays.  Also finding that I can put a radio station in favourites - I can call it via the pre-built bOS control .. but not via PlayFavourite(favouriteName). .. I have not successfully called any radio stations via URI either..   The fact that the simple controls like volume and play work so reliably suggests no connectivity issues etc.  short of installing wireshark on the grinder is there any way to see a log from bOS server to see whats happening between it and sonos and which side is messing up?   Finally.. in the inbuilt bOS sonos control you can list the playlists & favourites .. how can I access these from a value to work with them programatically?

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Sonos bug

Francois Lesueur 5 months ago in Devices / Sonos updated by ComfortClick Support 5 months ago 4


The previous and next buttons are not working : nothing is happening. (If I'm using the Sonos App, I can go to previous / next track)

The Playlists and Favorites buttons are working on the Sonos predefined frame ; but when I want to use these functions on a dedicated button, it's not working : nothing is happening. 

I'm on Jigsaw KNX V4.7



Łukasz Klinger 8 months ago in Devices / Sonos 0


1. jak wysłać ścieżkę dźwiękową do sonos?

2. czy możesz przeczytać wiadomość głosową z bos na głośniku sonos? 

3. czy możesz zamienić listy utworów i radio na sonos z bos?

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Sonos - picture cover not displayed

Andrzej Szymkowicz 12 months ago in Devices / Sonos updated 12 months ago 2

Picture cover is not displayed on sonos player.

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Sonos - Error message

Andrzej Szymkowicz 12 months ago in Devices / Sonos updated by ComfortClick Support 12 months ago 1


Every time room page with sonos player is open or playlist/favorite is changed i received error as presented below:



Sonos ungroup

Dave@CKS 2 years ago in Devices / Sonos 0

In the new BOS version (4.5.x) is it possible to group speakers.

Is it also possible to ungroup speakers?

Example: group speaker 1 + speaker 2 to group 1 and then ungroup group 1 to speaker 1 and speaker 2.

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Sonos groups not available after downgrade beta

N Muthu 2 years ago in Devices / Sonos updated by Andy Gill 2 years ago 6

Sonos groups not available after downgrade beta to stable, and any chances I get that again? 

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ChangeStationByUri(stationName, streamingUrl)

Giordano Olmi 2 years ago in Devices / Sonos updated by Richard 2 years ago 4

Hi, I would like to use the function "ChangeStationByUri(stationName, streamingUrl)" in the sonos system

Do you have the example?

Best regards