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Error message appearing when viewing IP Camera sources in ffmpeg component.

Pascal Platteel 12 months ago in Devices / Cameras • updated by ComfortClick Support 12 months ago 1

When viewing at camera streams configured throug OnVif, I get the following error's a lot:

Devices : 08/08/2018 11:42:00 : Error : Devices\IP Camera Garage : Error running ffmpeg. Destination array was not long enough. Check destIndex and length, and the arrays lower bounds.    at System.Array.Copy(Array sourceArray, Int32 sourceIndex, Array destinationArray, Int32 destinationIndex, Int32 length, Boolean reliable)
   at ComfortClick.IPCamera.Helpers.MpegDecoder.Streamer()

How can this be fixed?


Netgear ARLO security system Api

N Muthu 3 days ago in Devices / Cameras 0

Did anyone integrate  Arlo security system into BOS? 

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IP camera stop streaming after bOS 4.5 update

Nadim 3 weeks ago in Devices / Cameras • updated 6 days ago 10

Hello everyone

after  bOS 4.5 update the ip cameras no longer working and streaming !

any ideas ?


Image appers black

Luis Miguel Faustino 10 months ago in Devices / Cameras • updated 10 months ago 8

Hello everyone
I have a problem in site. In the application BOSCliente i have a connection with the video camera and at the beginning everything was working correctly. The client had to change the router but now the image appears all black. I can access the camera externally and everything works fine but the application does not work. can someone help me?
Thank you
Luis Faustino


Integration camera / video intercom

Jose Puig 11 months ago in Devices / Cameras • updated 11 months ago 2
good morning
Has anyone of you integrated a MOBOTIX T25 camera / video intercom?
If so, I would like to know how.
Grateful in advance

Dlink 932LB Camera in 4G

Marco Magnani 1 year ago in Devices / Cameras • updated by Ricardo Pinto | visiontech.pt 1 year ago 5

Dear support,

I have an issue with the Dlink 932LB camera. I configured the camera manually in the BOS server application and I stream the video with following settings: Streaming Mode: directly and MJPEG source: http://admin:fucile@

It works perfectly as long as the mobile BOS application (I’m using the last version available per apple IOS) is connected to my local Wi-Fi: I’m able to see the images coming in the application. Instead when the mobile BOS application is connected to the server via 4G the camera image shown is completely dark (I don t see anything)

The strange think is that I’m using with the same configuration in the BOS server another camera (It’s a Grandstream model GXV 3610 FHD) and it works both when the BOS IOs application is connected in local WiFi or in 4G

Can you help me to solve the problem?





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Camera configurator bad login

Kristián Vojčík 2 years ago in Devices / Cameras • updated by Tilen Suhadolnik 1 year ago 9

Hello. I ran into problem with onvif configurator in bOS. I click on configurator and see all camera but if I try to add it I enter Name and Password and get bad login error. And name and password work on other onvif program. Please help.

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Displaying IP Camera on an Amazon Echo Show?

Michael Markham 2 years ago in Devices / Cameras • updated by Mike Stacey 2 years ago 3

I've successfully connected to an IP Camera using bOS.  Now, I'd like to be able to show it on an Amazon Echo Show, but it doesn't look like Alexa Skills support showing IP Cameras.

Has anyone had any luck doing this?



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IP camera won´t work with ONVIF support

Kristián 2 years ago in Devices / Cameras • updated by Kristián Vojčík 2 years ago 2

Hi. We have some IP camera that we use in our company security. I been trying to get it to work over few weeks now and I can not get it to work.
I find the stream that work on VLC it is : rtsp://admin:admin@
but in Jigsaw it not showing any picture.
When I try to find it throught Jigsaw ONVIF finder it can not find the camera. PS: ONVIF work on that camera.

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IP Door Phone Integration

João Ferreira 2 years ago in Devices / Cameras • updated 2 years ago 3

Hello, I'm are trying to integrate an IP Door Phone (Robin Smartview SIP) with Confort Click
and with BOS Phone and we are getting some troubles. Only some features are working.


With Confort Click:

With Windows Client I cannot activate the streaming, it only shows the JPEG image. We want MJPEG or RTSP.
In the the Values separator of the IP Camera, the Streaming shows the value FALSE.
How could we activate the Streaming form FALSE to TRUE ?

NOTE: All the URLs were tested with Chrome and VLC and are working fine.

With BOS Phone:

It was tested in 2 phones:

In the first one (ZTE Blade A512, Android 6.0.1):

It is working fine with audio and video when calling from the Door Phone but it is not showing the command button to unlock the door.

In the other phone (Samsung S7 , Android 7.0.1):

I receive the SIP call from the door phone but when I hit the answer button the app is always crashing!

I will add some screenshots.

What could be wrong ?

Thank you