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DSC, Change zone names

Simen Hagen 2 years ago in Devices / DSC 0
Anyone know where I can find or how to change text for zones that appears in the bOS Client.

For example by clikking *1 and your code, you will enter the menu ''bypass zones''. With the horizontal buttons
you can scroll all zones. However this text does not correspond and seems to be default from the example.
Image 4328

DSC IT-100 baud rate

Calin Birtocean 2 years ago in Devices / DSC updated by Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 2 years ago 5

Hi guys,

The default baud rate comes as 9600 for the DSC IT-100. Do you have any tips on how to change it to 19200 for virtual keypad? 

Could it be done using the key pad PK5500?



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DSC Powerseries NEO compability

johan wångå 6 years ago in Devices / DSC updated by ComfortClick Support 9 months ago 14


Is comfortclick compability with the DSC powerseries NEO?

Under review

the references from DCS that are compatible with comfortclick

elbari omar 7 years ago in Devices / DSC updated by ComfortClick Support 7 years ago 3


Who has succeeded in integrating a DSC brand wireless alarm with comfortclick?

Is this possible?

DSC Alarm Partition

Henrique Branco 8 years ago in Devices / DSC updated by ComfortClick Support 8 years ago 3

Hi there,

it is possible to make the control of additional partitions ?
By default, we have the away mode partition, armed in stay mode and disarmed.
In central DSC, a new partition "night mode" as been configured, how can I control via confortClick ?


ComfortClick Support 8 years ago


you can add another partition under DSC node, select partition number and drag and drop it in your visualization theme.

Second option is to use "Virtual keypad". You can enable virtual keypad under main DSC node (Virtual Keypad). Before you enable virtual keypad, your DSC alarm must be connected to bOS and you need to change baud rate to at least 19200.
To add virtual keypad to your theme drag and drop main DSC node in your theme and select virtual keypad. Virtual keypad acts like normal DSC keypad so you need to assign partition or set the keypad as global.


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itv2 interface

luca di giorgio 8 years ago in Devices / DSC updated by anonymous 7 years ago 2


i've an alarm station (BENTEL ABSOLUTE 42 ) i'll like to interface with boss.

The station has an ip module and i can switch on and off areas, alarm and have access to log and events using their app ( absolute app for iOS or android).

i receive mail notifications and phone calls from events .

Bentel support told me that the common interface for their products is ITV2 protocol.

is there something for connecting with boss?




DSC IT-100 PC-Link

Fabricio Riani 8 years ago in Devices / DSC updated by ComfortClick Support 8 years ago 1

Hello good afternoon!

I am setting up the DSC control panel, PowerSeries PC1832 with IT-100 module, but when I'm with the PC-Link cable connected in the central PC1832 can communicate with ComfortClick the IT-100, when I remove the central caboPC-Link and continue with serial cable connected the IT-100 and the server can not communicate with the comfortclick.
What could be happening?
Thank you.