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smatr TV

imperialbms 4 years ago in Devices / Basic 0

Has anyone tried to link confortclick with samsung tv? What communication parameters do you use?


HEX for text

imperialbms 4 years ago in Devices / Basic updated by Dániel Czibolya 3 months ago 1

I'm new, and I'm having trouble displaying the current text from the DENON AVR amplifier. The text is only displayed in HEX format, do you know how much this value can be converted to text?

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Convert hex to decimal

Fredrik Johansson 2 months ago in Devices / Basic updated by ComfortClick Support 2 months ago 1


I have data that is in HEX but I want to dispay them as decimal is there any function for this? I have not found anything.

And another question; is it possible to enable/disable an device through a command or variable?

The device I am currently working on only has the communication port open for about 20 seconds than it closes resulting in many connected/disconnected messages.

I would like to enable the device, send the command, get an response then disable the device.

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Connect Smart meter (Fluvius) to Comfortclick

Michiel Kenis 4 months ago in Devices / Basic updated 2 months ago 14


I recently acquired a Smart meter by our Belgian energy supplier Fluvius. It has some ports to be connect and I have connected both my Jigsaw and my meter using a R12-USB cable. 

I've added a "Basic" device with the required parameters, but all I get back on the Raw Data is FF and the Encoded data value is ?

It looks like the device is connected, but I cannot extract or read data from this device. Does anyone have an idea what the "FF" or "?" stands for and how to fix this? 

Best regards, 



String Editor - unprintable text

Peter Elvidge 4 months ago in Devices / Basic 0

Hi,  When using the string editor (in the basic device driver). - what format codes etc. are allowed - is this documented anywhere?  I'm trying to figure out how to include unprintable chars ..  and to keep it readable and possible to format values in correctly was trying not to revert to just using hex.   .. in the example below I need the variable to be formatted in as a 2 digit hex representation of the integer..



Control an Onkyo receiver via IP using basic driver

Peter Elvidge 5 months ago in Devices / Basic 0

Hi, has anyone tried to control an onkyo Receiver or similar using the basic driver?   The command protocol looks simple with one major exception - you need to calculate the length of the command and send this as part of the message in bigendian format.. is there any way to hack this together in bOS?  I guess if you limit yourself to commands of fixed length it will be possible?? ..  the protocol as I found it on the internet is attached if useful to anyone... Onkyo Serial AVR_5-17.xlsx

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Hex codes for serial device dissappeared after upgrade to 4.4.4

Brent Broge 2 years ago in Devices / Basic updated by ComfortClick Support 2 years ago 3

I believe I was at 4.4.2 and now my projector on/off stopped working. Here is an error after the upgrade:

Devices : 2/22/2019 9:48:37 AM : Error : Devices\Projector\On : Error initing setting: Devices\Projector\On.HexData Unable to cast object of type System.String to type BOSCommon.ValueTypes.CMString. at lambda_method(Closure , Object , Object )
at BOSCommon.Data.SettingData.SetValue()
at BOSCommon.Data.NodeHost.InitObjectSettings()


change units

Jaume Almirall 2 years ago in Devices / Basic updated by Fabien Fuster 2 years ago 3


I'm using a electrical energy counter, the values recived are in W, mA, mV, and I want to convert to KW, A, and V.

How I can convert these values? 


yahoo weather

info 2 years ago in Devices / Basic updated by Fabien Fuster 2 years ago 4

Hi!!!  I have a problem with yahoo weather services in all my 6  devices PC and  Jigsaw. there isn't any received weather data from  29.12.2018

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Calculate the SUM of serial packet

Rexhep Bunjaku 3 years ago in Devices / Basic updated by ComfortClick Support 3 years ago 1

I need to send data to serial port on HEX format, but in the end of packet I need to calculate the the XOR of Packet and SUM of packet. Can You explain how can I do it?

* the data is an integer.