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Z-Wave stick Aeotec "Error connecting to device. No Ack" message

Francois Lesueur 2 years ago in Devices / Z-Wave updated by Ricardo Pinto 2 years ago 1


I'm using ComfortClick servers, but because I had a problem with one of the servers, I had to go back to a windows machine for a few days. 

Since I was using a Z-Wave Aeotec stick on the ComfortClick server, I thought it would be straightforward to use it on the PC : just plug and play.... well, not at all. I got the following message each time the server attempted to send a message to the stick "Error connecting to device. No Ack". 

It was driving me mad... I tried all kind of settings, and eventually found the solution - so just posting the question and the answer in case you face it so that you don't get crazy. 

When connecting the Z-Wave stick, Windows (7) is installing automatically the standard USB to COM drivers. But they are no good for the Aeotec stick. Some special Aeotec drivers must be installed in place of the standard ones. They can be found on 


This fixed the issue :-)

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Z-wave The configuration parameters do not appear

Pablo Lopez 3 years ago in Devices / Z-Wave updated by ComfortClick Support 3 years ago 5


I have several z-wave devices from different manufacturers and I don't understand why in some I don't see any parameters to configure them.
I have tried to send them manually and it says "index outside the limits of the matrix"
I am doing something wrong?
Two of the devices that happen to them are Fibaro RGBW Controller and Qubino Flush RGBW Dimmer.
I would greatly appreciate a solution, at least I can send the parameters manually.

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Can I set Z-Wave parameter by task?

kim nguyen 5 years ago in Devices / Z-Wave updated by Isaac Mintah 3 years ago 5

is it possible now or in the future if something trigger then set a zwave device parameter?

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Z-wave Schlage Connect door lock BE469ZP

Calin Birtocean 1 year ago in Devices / Z-Wave updated 1 year ago 4


I am seeking some help on including the z-wave door lock.

I have followed these instructions:

  1. Exclude your lock from your hub. The lock might have partially pair to the hub. Doing an exclusion will help the lock forget that it is paired, so an inclusion can be successful.
  2. Factory reset your lock. This step will delete any programming, so you will have to add codes back to the lock
  3. Move the lock closer to the hub. When pairing, the ideal distance is 6ft or less. You can remove the lock away from the door to pair if you can't relocate the hub. Then reinstall after pairing is complete.
  4. Pair your lock to your hub. This step is best to be preformed with your Z-wave hub's customer service. They might have additional steps if this is a master node system. 



However, in doesn't get fully included. The node is partially included and a red led instead of a green led is flashing on the lock at the end of inclusion. A green led flashing would indicate a successfully added process. 

Some instructions refer to DSK Code https://instructions.allegion.com/instr/86/3549 and I was wondering if bOS is looking for this code in order to fully include the node.

Is there also a possibility also that the z-wave driver for bOS has to be updated to include this device in the catalog?

Thank you,


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    Everspring SP816

    Francois Lesueur 2 years ago in Devices / Z-Wave updated 2 years ago 3


    I would like to use an Everspring SP816 outdoor motion detector. 

    I can include it into the Z-Wave network, but then status remains "NotConfigured" and nothing is working - can't even get the battery status. Is it not supported ? 

    I'm also getting an error message when looking at parameters : 

    « La référence d’objet n’est pas définie à une instance d’un objet »

    Sorry, it's French, but even in French it doesn't make much sense to me :-(

    If you don't support this device, what OUTDOOR motion detector do you support ? 



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    can't get Z wave thermostat fan speed control

    amado adriano 2 years ago in Devices / Z-Wave updated 2 years ago 20

    i have MCOHOME zwave thermostat, and i have 2 different models i try to add it in BOS after adding i didn't get fan speed control except on that others are ok. 

    please help.


    przebudowa sieci

    Łukasz Klinger 2 years ago in Devices / Z-Wave 0

    Witam, jak zrobić przebudowę sieci z-wave aby inne sensory obrały inną drogę komunikacji przez repitery 

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    user code command class not available

    Daniel Czibolya 2 years ago in Devices / Z-Wave updated 2 years ago 2

    Image 2909

    I added a zipato rfid keypad to colibri. I can't find a setting for using USER_CODE_SET command.
    the device is: http://manuals-backend.z-wave.info/make.php?lang=en&sku=ZIPERFID

    Can you give me a solution?

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    Central Scene support - Fibaro Button

    Andrew Watson 2 years ago in Devices / Z-Wave updated by ComfortClick Support 2 years ago 1

    I have a Fibaro Button which uses the Z-Wave command class Central Scene function to report one or more button presses. I have included the device and associated with the controller node successfully. Central Scene provides a KeyAttributes value which changes in response to multiple button presses. However, I have not been able to find a simple way to use the value - it does not appear in the usual dialogues for using a value, presumably because it is not a boolean, integer or double and there are no templates and I can't create one. My workaround is a program task which triggers on any change of the KeyAttributes value - I then have to use an "if" statement for each possible attribute value to set an integer variable. This seems to be a really complex way to be able to use the value - is there a better solution? I also have the same issues with the BOsEnum type which also lacks templates and value support etc.

    Configuration Jigsaw, latest BOs, Aeotec USB Gen5

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    Z-wave aeotec wallmote sleeping and parameter issues

    Christiaens Filip 2 years ago in Devices / Z-Wave updated 2 years ago 2

    I was able to discover and include the device. 

    In the overview of z-wave devices it says the device is 'Sleeping' and listening flag is off.

    However I can intercept key attributes in the central scene, so he's listening.

    But the values of 'Switch' and 'Multilevel Switch' never change.

    I also want to remove the beeping when touching the device. This is done by setting parameter number 1 to value 0 instead of 1. 

    Getting parameter number 1 does nothing and setting gives the error 'index was outside the bounds of the array'.