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Z-Wave stick Aeotec "Error connecting to device. No Ack" message

Francois Lesueur 3 years ago in Devices / Z-Wave updated by Simen Hagen 6 months ago 2


I'm using ComfortClick servers, but because I had a problem with one of the servers, I had to go back to a windows machine for a few days. 

Since I was using a Z-Wave Aeotec stick on the ComfortClick server, I thought it would be straightforward to use it on the PC : just plug and play.... well, not at all. I got the following message each time the server attempted to send a message to the stick "Error connecting to device. No Ack". 

It was driving me mad... I tried all kind of settings, and eventually found the solution - so just posting the question and the answer in case you face it so that you don't get crazy. 

When connecting the Z-Wave stick, Windows (7) is installing automatically the standard USB to COM drivers. But they are no good for the Aeotec stick. Some special Aeotec drivers must be installed in place of the standard ones. They can be found on 


This fixed the issue :-)

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Z-wave The configuration parameters do not appear

Pablo Lopez 5 years ago in Devices / Z-Wave updated by ComfortClick Support 4 years ago 5


I have several z-wave devices from different manufacturers and I don't understand why in some I don't see any parameters to configure them.
I have tried to send them manually and it says "index outside the limits of the matrix"
I am doing something wrong?
Two of the devices that happen to them are Fibaro RGBW Controller and Qubino Flush RGBW Dimmer.
I would greatly appreciate a solution, at least I can send the parameters manually.

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Can I set Z-Wave parameter by task?

kim nguyen 7 years ago in Devices / Z-Wave updated by Isaac Mintah 5 years ago 5

is it possible now or in the future if something trigger then set a zwave device parameter?

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Fibaro RGBW sync error

Dávid Kirchhofer 5 months ago in Devices / Z-Wave updated by ComfortClick Support 5 months ago 2


I have CC grinder with aeotec gen5+ stick. Using lots of Fibaro Dimmer and RGBW (FGRGBWM-441) modules for lights. I want to sync RGBW modules but associations not even works between RGBW modules. Dimmer association to RGBW working fine with simple or multichannel associations but RGBW associations to RGBW not working. Im using RGBW controller in HSB mode connected to white LED strip. Is there any solutions for this?


Learn mode

István Gehl 6 months ago in Devices / Z-Wave updated by Jürgen Jürgenson 6 months ago 1

Can anyone tell me if the Controller Change Learn Mode works between an Aeotec USB stick and a Colibri? And how ?


How to do Z-wave diagnostics

Ronnie Lin 11 months ago in Devices / Z-Wave updated by Krzysztof Szczepański 10 months ago 2

My field is like this Aeotec nano switch is not deployed in every room. In the rooms circled in red, there are two Nano switches and one Multi sensor on the ceiling of each room. There will be a few empty rooms in between. According to the current test, the Z-wave network is not very smooth, and the device is often in the Waiting state. I would like to ask if there is any way or detector to diagnose the quality of Z-wave network! ?

Image 4623

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Updating firmware on Zwave devices

Nathan Meinck 1 year ago in Devices / Z-Wave updated by ComfortClick Support 1 year ago 1

Hi, I want to update the firmware on a number of devices (various brands - mainly Fibaro)

I know there are updates as on another project we used the Fibaro HomeCentre and each device required an update. I can't see how you can do this in ComfortClick.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.



Node not responding

Nathan Meinck 2 years ago in Devices / Z-Wave updated by Aaron Hepworth 1 year ago 1

I have a number of Fibaro z wave blind and dimmer devices. I have an issue where the devices report Device not responding.

The command does eventually get executed however it causes a delay.

Any ideas how to resolve this problem or what could cause it?


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Z-wave Schlage Connect door lock BE469ZP

Calin Birtocean 3 years ago in Devices / Z-Wave updated by ComfortClick Support 1 year ago 6


I am seeking some help on including the z-wave door lock.

I have followed these instructions:

  1. Exclude your lock from your hub. The lock might have partially pair to the hub. Doing an exclusion will help the lock forget that it is paired, so an inclusion can be successful.
  2. Factory reset your lock. This step will delete any programming, so you will have to add codes back to the lock
  3. Move the lock closer to the hub. When pairing, the ideal distance is 6ft or less. You can remove the lock away from the door to pair if you can't relocate the hub. Then reinstall after pairing is complete.
  4. Pair your lock to your hub. This step is best to be preformed with your Z-wave hub's customer service. They might have additional steps if this is a master node system. 



However, in doesn't get fully included. The node is partially included and a red led instead of a green led is flashing on the lock at the end of inclusion. A green led flashing would indicate a successfully added process. 

Some instructions refer to DSK Code https://instructions.allegion.com/instr/86/3549 and I was wondering if bOS is looking for this code in order to fully include the node.

Is there also a possibility also that the z-wave driver for bOS has to be updated to include this device in the catalog?

Thank you,


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    Everspring SP816

    Francois Lesueur 3 years ago in Devices / Z-Wave updated 3 years ago 3


    I would like to use an Everspring SP816 outdoor motion detector. 

    I can include it into the Z-Wave network, but then status remains "NotConfigured" and nothing is working - can't even get the battery status. Is it not supported ? 

    I'm also getting an error message when looking at parameters : 

    « La référence d’objet n’est pas définie à une instance d’un objet »

    Sorry, it's French, but even in French it doesn't make much sense to me :-(

    If you don't support this device, what OUTDOOR motion detector do you support ?