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Thermostat Hysteresis as a value to enable changes

Hello! Several of my clients ask me to be able to change the hysteresis of their thermostats.

Could be possible to add this parameter to the changeable values by users?

Meanwhile, I have to  make thermostats by calculations and programs, just to give them this feature.

Thank you!


Counter Log - Help with kWh calculation

Ricardo Pinto 3 years ago in bOS Configurator / Tasks updated 3 years ago 24

Hi people,

May I ask a little help about counter log?

I have a power sensor on an electric board. On ETS, I get an Instantaneous Power object (2 bytes), which comes in kW format. Like, if the house is consuming 1200W, I get 1,2 value on ETS, if it's consuming 250W, I get 0,25 value, and so on. I have the correct instant values showing on visualization.

I've tried to create counter logs, to get an approximate daily consumption, etc. The problem is that the values on the counter log don't make any sense.

For example, if the house is consuming constant 250W during 24hour, I should get 6 kWh by the end of the day, but the values don't make sense. On one day, it showed something like 138kWh on one day, which is impossible. I deleted all data now.

Either I'm configuring all wrong the counter log, or there's something I'm missing.

Thanks for any help


play sound How do I play a sound

Andy Gill 7 years ago in bOS Configurator / Tasks 0


Could someone explain how I play a sound based on a program or an event? Ideally through a client but failing that through the server?

I would like to play a warning sound should a condition not be met when the user is changing a mode.



Idea for comment line into a program

CS Domotic CS Domotic 12 months ago in bOS Configurator / Tasks updated 11 months ago 2

I think that to have the possibility of comment a line or section and add comments into a program might be really good. For development of task for example or other reasons.


Condition using user rights


Is it possible to build a program based on the user rights condition?

The topic concerns air conditioning in the office. AC control is available from the KNX wall thermostats and from the visualization. Administrator has the option to lock thermostat on the wall to prevent office staff from changing some AC functions. At the same time, the same functions are available on the visualization for both regular users and the administrator.

My point is to block the execution of program (linked to the button on the visualization and KNX thermostat) by regular users, and allow execution only by users with administrator rights, without need to duplicate the button and program linked to it. I would like to include two conditions in the program that determine the ability to run the program.

Something like this:
If <thermostat> = blocked
     If <user_rights> = administrator
     Else <user_rights> = user



logic "ID" 2BF

Francisco Jose Arévalo Pineda 5 years ago in bOS Configurator / Tasks updated by Ricardo Pinto 5 years ago 1
I need to be able to perform an "ID" with a 20ºC value of 2BF. How can I do it

using calculation result as input in counter log

Kresimir Marusic 4 days ago in bOS Configurator / Tasks updated by Jürgen Jürgenson 3 days ago 1

I have an issue when trying to use result from calculation as input in Counter Log.
I have several "Operating Time" loggers which I use to track for how long each floor heating element have been enabled and recalculate that in energy used for floor heating. I use Calculation function to add values from multiple "Operating Time" loggers to add whole floor heating energy consumption in one total value. Issue occurs when I try to use result of Calculation as input in Counter Log. Calculation is working just fine - I have checked it, but when I select that Calculation as input in Counter log, I get "cyclical reference detected" error in bOS Client. As far as I can see Counter Log is working, but I keep getting "cyclical reference detected" error.
Any ideas?


Combine timer with kill-switch

Michiel Kenis 3 months ago in bOS Configurator / Tasks updated by Ricardo Pinto 3 months ago 3

Hi there,

How do you guys combine a timer mechanism with a kill switch?

In my example, I have a ventilator placed in my shower and a timer-commando configured for this. After the light in the shower is turned off, the timer starts for 5 minutes and kills the ventilator after these 5 minutes.

I also have a kill-switch place next to my bed to kill all the lights. If I hit this button, the shower-light receives an "off" commando (although it's already off), and by thus activating the timer AND the ventilator.

How can I prevent this?




Garden irrigation system control

Roman K 4 months ago in bOS Configurator / Tasks updated by Ricardo Pinto 4 months ago 1


I need to control 10 zones of watering with the following parameters:
- to switch on them for a certain period of time with the ability to change it

- selected devices should switch on one by one with a delay. 

For example, I select in Scene  "zone 1" and setup the timer for 10 minutes, "zone 5" setup the timer for 5 minutes and "zone 6" setup the timer for 10 minutes, so in overall my Scene should run for 25 minutes. I would need to run it in sequence "zone 1" after 10 minutes switch off and with 2 minutes delay start "zone 5" after 5 minutes switch off another delay for 2 minutes and switch on "zone 6" for another 10 minutes.

As I'm a newbie so any help would be appreciated and thank you in advance everyone.

Under review

Berker KNX BIQ switch and ''Thermostat'' Library example

Simen Hagen 5 months ago in bOS Configurator / Tasks updated 3 months ago 10

Does anyone know if a change in setpoint performed with the physical switch affect the setpoint in bOS.

In other words, can you change setpoint with both? KNX physical switch and bOS? And it will sync. automatically? 

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