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SVG image file creation

Ricardo Pinto 5 years ago in bOS Configurator / Themes updated by ComfortClick Support 4 years ago 11


I'm using some own icons or adapted ones in PNG, but I'm having some problems with SVG files.

I've tried to create an SVG icon on Corel Draw, and saved it in SVG format. I don't know the size to use, and as a vector file I've saved as it is.

When using it on bOS, either it doesn't show, or it shows huge, depending on the size. I sized down a little bit the icon and saved it again, but it's still very big or it shows in gray. Do I need to create a white and a black version, like the originals (normal and inverted color)?

Can you get me some sort of template, or any guidance to create the SVG files? I'm using PNG but I would prefer to use vector files. With preference for any guidance on how to create the normal and inverted SVG (I can invert the colors, but don't know how to gather them in a "readable" format for bOS).


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Frontend design (printscreen sharing)

Ricardo Pinto 5 years ago in bOS Configurator / Themes updated by Łukasz Klinger 2 years ago 28

Hello everyone,

I'm always curious about the templates from bOS users. I think it would be a cool idea to share some printscreens.

Sharing is good! All of us can learn and share. No need to share all the menus, just a quick view. So here it goes my home template:

Image 1315


Themes unlock pin changeable by user

I have a menu that is secured with the theme unlock pin. However, I would like to be able to change it without having to get into the BOS Configurator. Is it possible? 

If not, is there any other way to protect some info with a PIN/Paswword that I can change from the App? 


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Status value collection

Guillem Morey 5 years ago in bOS Configurator / Themes updated 5 years ago 8

I have an issue with this property, if I use integer value it works correctelly, but if I use a double float just works "EqualorGreater" and "EqualorLess" but not "equal".

Any idea?



Scene Sliders and gauges

Andy Gill 6 years ago in bOS Configurator / Themes 0

HI Gents,

Is there any possibility of having slider type graphic for value adjustments, and a gauge graphic for readings?


Display hard counter water and display iPad screen

Jean Pierre Seillier 10 months ago in bOS Configurator / Themes updated by ComfortClick ComfortClick 10 months ago 1

I would like to synchronize the display of the water meter that is in the garden with the meter displayed in Bos Configurator. This means being able to add or subtract from the figure displayed in Bos so as to have the same figure on the water meter and on the iPad screen.

Thanks for your ideas.

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Import images

Raymond Olsen 12 months ago in bOS Configurator / Themes updated by ComfortClick Support 12 months ago 3

When I upload my own pictures/symbols to the files folder, they are not visible and I can`t use them in my theme. The same thing happens when I download one of the standard pictures, save, and then upload the new file. The reason doesn`t seem to be the size/format. Any ideas?



Tide coefficient?


How to integrate the schedules and tide coefficient?

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New Color for a Color Tamplate is not used automaticly

Maximilian Rauch 1 year ago in bOS Configurator / Themes updated 1 year ago 2


i changed the color for a Color Template, but the color didn't change on the location of use.

If i change somsting on the Panel it will update but how can i trigger the update for the complet Themes??

Pleas see on my picture the situation after changing the Tamplate.

Image 3586

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Graph legend tweaks

Michal Kowalczyk 1 year ago in bOS Configurator / Themes updated by ComfortClick Support 1 year ago 1


How do you work with graph & legend formatting when showing data from multiple sensors?

as per example in the screenshot it would be better if legend could be formatted into two columns to allow "more graph space" instead of occupying most of the object...

Also it would be great to click on certain legend item to have that graph "bolded".

Image 3485