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mqtt Integration

Miguel Paredes 3 years ago in Devices / Other updated by Martin Schär 2 years ago 4

any plans on adding MQTT to comfortclick?


Satel security system output control

Allar Valksaare 2 years ago in Devices / Other updated by Łukasz Klinger 8 months ago 1

I would like to know when can we control Satel integra ouputs with CC, i need to integrate a complete Satel smart home system to Bos and currently it is a huge workarounds to get the output states and output controls to bos

Can you add Satel output control to Bos cause this style of integrations is very very needed.
Next issue - integration to the alarm system is a good thing but changing the code of a user is also needed.
possible solution would be following - if you know the code for the user, then according to the open protocol hex sheet you can send a command -> (user1) with code 1111 -> change code 1111 -> 2222 = (user1) code now is 2222, for it to work you need to know the code of the user, so there will not be a need to create a new user, giving it security levels, rights and access to partitions or anything else. 


New bOS's RPC API + Tasker | Tutorial

ComfortClick ComfortClick 4 years ago in Devices / Other updated by Brent Broge 4 years ago 1


Here we have a short tutorial on how to integrate bOS and TASKER using new bOS’ RPC service.

bOS offers a JSON RPC Service for integration with Tasker, IFTTT and other services.

This tutorial will show bOS RPC service interacting with TASKER on Android in a simple task, but the important thing here is to understand how to set-up the RPC service so you can do more complex integrations.

RPC service on the new bOS offers HTTP basic authentication with username and password.

In this example, we'll be using Tasker to turn a Z-Wave Socket off.

Of course, this can be done easily within bOS Client app, but this is just for demo purposes. You can change and adapt the task to your needs, for example, "If my phone battery is lower than 80%, turn the socket on", or "If I’ve reached my house, turn front door light on". The possibilities are endless.

Step 1: Configure your RPC service

  • In bOS Configurator, under API, enable RPC and define your Username and Password:

Image 2046

Step 2: Find your Device Path

  • In this example, the Info tab from the Z-Wave socket device will show us the path: Devices\Z-Wave\Socket\Basic

Image 2047

Now we need to form the JSON body to POST on TASKER.

The Path we have is: Devices\Z-Wave\Socket\Basic

We need to double the backslashes on the Path to form the JSON body to POST on TASKER service, so now we have: Devices\\Z-Wave\\Socket\\Basic

The simple SetValue body post looks something like this:

{"objectName":"INSERT PATH HERE","valueName":"Value","value":"true"} where "value":"true" is to turn the value to true or 1. You can change to false or 0 or look for other RPC examples.

For our valueName, we have “State”:

Image 2048

To turn the Socket off, our body post is:


Step 3: Tasker

  • Create a new task and include the “HTTP Post” action:
    Image 2050

Image 2051

Done! Now every time we run this task our Socket will turn off.

This is a simple example for demo purposes, but with more complex commands you can do whatever you want... call scenes, set other values, etc.

To call a RPC Service a HTTP POST call must be preformed with data content-type = "application/json";

Service offers the following commands


POST data example (Turn ON a light): {"objectName":"Devices\\EIB\\Light 1","valueName":"Value","value":"true"}


POST data example (Get light status): {"objectName":"Devices\\EIB\\Light 1","valueName":"Value"}


POST data example (Send alert to user):


I hope you’ve enjoyed the tutorial and please post here the examples and ideas you have using the new bOS’ RPC API.


Alexa + blinds

Noel Fuentes 4 years ago in Devices / Other updated by Ricardo Pinto 1 month ago 9


Since Alexa and Comfortclick are now in spanish, I've been doing some testing. It really works fine. But, what I'm missing is a "Blinds" Category in Alexa configuration in bOS. Is there a way to say "Alexa, raise/lower the blinds" (obviusly, in spanish :) ) using only one Endpoint or variable?

Thanks in advance.



UPS and UPS generic and Jigsaw

Francois Lesueur 5 years ago in Devices / Other updated by Paul G 2 years ago 1


What is the difference between ""UPS and "UPS generics" devices ? 

The help says that the UPS device is using the Windows drivers, and then can work only on bOS windows based systems. Are there / will there be any support for Jigsaw models ? Maybe with the UPS generic device ?

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Matteo Cavatorta 4 weeks ago in Devices / Other updated by Stephen Andries 3 weeks ago 3


anyone know how to integrate Home Connect devices?



2N IP Solo Integration

Michele Calzolani 1 month ago in Devices / Other updated by Jürgen Jürgenson 1 month ago 6

Hi guys,
is there anyone already integrated 2N Ip Solo with Comfort Click?


HomeKit - Window Shutter

Duarte Saraiva 2 months ago in Devices / Other updated by Bozidar Mijatovic 1 month ago 1

Good evening,

I installed the beta version of bOS in order to mess with HomeKit, and, more specifically about the window shutter, I find that the values that it requested were inverted for my shutters setup (HomeKit requires 0 for closed and 100 for open, my shutters require 0 for open and 100 for closed). I think the dev team could add an option to invert those values.

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Vincenzo Caradonna 2 months ago in Devices / Other updated by ComfortClick Support 2 months ago 1

ich möchte einen kalender für termine einfügen. als beispiel einen abfallkalender mit ical.


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Elering example library

Ohmin1970 5 months ago in Devices / Other updated by Kenneth Ström 3 months ago 15

Have anyone tried elering v2 from the examples library?

I don´t get any prices and I don´t know what I am doing wrong.