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NetAtmo weather station and Welcome integration

Rait Lotamõis 4 years ago in Devices / Http updated by ComfortClick ComfortClick 2 months ago 22

I'm so happy about getting my NetAtmo integration working, that I wanted to share it with the rest of you people.

This is the device itself

All you need to do is enter the values for strings in the "Settings" section of the device, and you will immediately get the values from one indoor and one outdoor module (which is the typical starter package setup.)  If you have more stations and/or modules then you can easily access them by just duplicating the existing values under the "Weather Station" query and changing the instance number in their "Token name." 

For example: default indoor temperature value = body.devices[0].dashboard_data.Temperature

indoor temperature value for next weather station = body.devices[1].dashboard_data.Temperature

and for modules:

temperature of first module of first station = body.devices[0].modules[0].dashboard_data.Temperature

secondary module of first station = body.devices[0].modules[1].dashboard_data.Temperature

I've also included a WIP section for the NetAtmo Welcome camera. I have yet to figure out how to track persons per name, since their position in the table is always changing.

Under review

RegEx Parsec

Marco Magnani 3 years ago in Devices / Http updated 3 years ago 5


I try to use RegEx to collect some value data of my weather station (WS) from an HTML page. Unfortunately, the weather station doesn’t support API or XML, so from Http Device I import with success the WS html page in text and after I use RegEx to parsec it

The problem is that the RegEx implemented in bOS seams don’t manage the Capturing Group (in the picture is the $1) but only the matched string.

What I did was to select a specific part of the html imported page (the highlighted in the picture in green) and after extract the number 51 that is the value that I need to collect and associate to the integer variable in bOS as reported in the piture

Due to the WS uses almost the same html code to provide other sensors values ( e.g. for Outdor temp: <td bgcolor="#EDEFEF"><input name="outTemp" disabled="disabled" type="text" class="item_2" style="WIDTH: 80px" value="26.7" maxlength="8"></td>

I had to select the part of html code that contains the specific value number that I need to collect and use the capturing group to extract from the selected html code part the sensor value, but this regex sentence in bOS it seams doesn’t work

Can you help me to manage this issue or implement in bOS a way to manage the Capturing Group, please?



DAIKIN AC Units controlled via Wi-Fi

Ghita Laurentiu 1 year ago in Devices / Http updated by Fabien Fuster 1 year ago 3

Hello everybody,

I've managed to integrate my DAIKIN AC units (Wi-Fi connected) in bOS so I can control them easily and use them in any scene. 

The only thing that you need is to change the IP to match the IP of your units. Hope you enjoy it. Feel free to ask if is something that does not work as you wish. 

Daikin AC Unit.bos

All the best,



API call with oauth1 authorization

Pascal Platteel 3 years ago in Devices / Http 0

When will Comfortclick support API calls with OAuth1 or OAuth2 authorization? More and more Providers require this kind of authorization.

Under review

Unable to handle data from Json array

Pascal Platteel 3 years ago in Devices / Http updated by Sebastian Salmhofer 2 years ago 3

When using the http driver, I am able to connect to an API and process the Json data. For example:


       "id": 60662,

       "country": "NL",

        "main": true


But when the data is returned in a Json array, the data cannot be parsed! For example, the folowing respons cannot be handled by Comfortclick:



       "id": 60662,

       "country": "NL",

        "main": true






       "id": 60662,

       "country": "NL",

        "main": true



       "id": 906428

       "country": "UK",

        "main": false



When will support for Json array's be implemented? A lot of sites are returning Json data within an array nowedays.

Or is there an other workarround to process Json data within an array?


Interfacing with Resol VBus using Basic HTTP

Scott White 4 years ago in Devices / Http updated 4 years ago 0

I have ComfortClick interfaced to my KNX devices but I would like to also link to my Solar Controller.  The controller is a Resol Deltsol MX  http://www.resol.de/index/produktdetail/kategorie/1/id/69/sprache/en connected to the Resol DL2 Dataloger http://www.resol.de/index/produktdetail/kategorie/2/id/12/sprache/en

All Resol and compatible controllers use the VBus and their are a variety of ways to connect to it.  You can get raw VBus over TCP by telneting to port 7053 of any device on the VBus with an Ethernet interface (see here https://danielwippermann.github.io/resol-vbus/vbus-over-tcp.html) for example.  This lets you issue commands as well as read data.

Initially I am just trying to read data from the bus by using the JSON Data Download API https://danielwippermann.github.io/resol-vbus/dlx-data-download-api.html

If I connect to my device on the following URL I get a JSON formatted response


I am trying to read the temperature that is available as "value" in the following snipit

        "headersets" : [
                "timestamp" : 1506413326.784000,
                "packets" : [
                        "header_index" : 0,
                        "timestamp" : 1506413311.424000,
                        "field_values" : [
                                "field_index" : 0,
                                "raw_value" : 22.900000,
                                "value" : "22.9"

Using the basic HTTP device with the the following settings I am able to read this Temp

The JSON token name is 



Fronius Symo | PV API integration

Ricardo Pinto | visiontech.pt 3 years ago in Devices / Http updated by Jürgen Jürgenson 2 years ago 4
Under review

Variable HTTP Header in PUT Command

Lee Douglas 4 years ago in Devices / Http updated by ComfortClick Support 3 years ago 4

Working on integration with the HIVE system from British Gas.

I need to send a "login" command through the API to receive a SessionID.

Which I can do easily in bOS.

I then need to pass this SessionID into each later command as a header for authorisation. As the SessionID varies every 30 minutes or so, I need to have the "SessionID" as a variable Header in later commands.

Are you able to amend Config to allow for variables in POST command headers?

(I note we can already use variables in several other places of the command, just not the header which I need).


URL is: https://api-prod.bgchprod.info:443/omnia/nodes

Command is GET.

The header I need to use is:

Content-Type: application/vnd.alertme.zoo-6.0+json
Accept: application/vnd.alertme.zoo-6.0+json
X-Omnia-Client: Hive Web Dashboard
X-Omnia-Access-Token: Irg6fxvdBrhE0xewMiGJxo4

Where the final highlighted section varies every 30 minutes.

Under review

HTTP device reestablishing of connection.

Artem Kuteynikov 2 months ago in Devices / Http updated 2 months ago 2


could you describe behaviour of http driver in case of "sleeping" device (when device sleeps most of the time)?

What are conditions when "connected" status is changing from false to true? Does it ping device on certain IP-address after "connected" turns to false?

If so, what is the period of ping?



Request with parameters Unix timestamp and HMAC SHA-256 value on http driver get command for weatherlink

Dimitrios Margaronis 2 months ago in Devices / Http 0

Is there a possibility to include parameters like UNIX timestamp and HMAC SHA-256 computed values on a get HTTP request?

I am trying to connect weatherlink api v2 https://weatherlink.github.io/v2-api/ which in https://weatherlink.github.io/v2-api/tutorial describes the need of timestamps and hashed strings on the call.

Thanks in advance