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It's year 2023, the AI bots will take over the "world" so here is a template for it for bOS too...Kodu-Http (OpenAI) (1.2).bos

Right now it works just as a outdated google search with better logic or smth. Somehow the image generator crashes the http driver. Remember everything is in beta.

To get it working you need to make a account for OpenAI and generate your API key.

1. insert it here - for both completions and image generator commands YOUR_KEY.

Image 4432

2. You can ask the AI your question and it should respond. Made a TTS for it's  answers too so its extra creepy.

Image 4434

FYI it's not as good as the web page bot - for longer answers sometimes it doesn't give out the full info and I've seen that some of codes may go missing. In theory you can make it give you suggestions automatically too. If it gives you a BadRequest error see if the input is all in one line. It does not like it when some text is on a new line.

Happy new year!

Glad to see someone using OpenAI...

Been using and exploring ChatGPT and it's kind of creepy at a certain point what it can do....generating html code, arduino code, etc, and with more or less fiddling it almost gets there. Even creating random songs with random themes.

Hopefully we can use AI / ML in the near future to predict stuff for our smart homes and projects. That's my goal, to use AI in the future to create stuff like real life presence simulation, predict schedules, and endless possibilities.

Best regards, and happy new year

I got the image generator working. It may take longer time to generate images so I upped the timeout value. Don't know yet how to input those links it generated to a bOS browser. So just copy and paste them to the devices browser.  Http (OpenAI) (1.3).bos


I updated the template to GPT-4-preview model - old legacy model is still there but request data for gpt4 changed a little.

Http (OpenAI) (1.4) for public.bos