Run bOS functions with Microsoft Power Automate

Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 1 year ago in Devices / Http updated 1 year ago 1

Hello everyone,

There a bunch of times, where I'm sitting at the office in my workstation, and I need to turn on the office table light.

I could:

  1. Move my ass and reach to the office entrance, and push the KNX button
  2. Pick up the phone, open the bOS app and navigate into the office room to turn on the light
  3. Open the bOS Windows app and do exactly the same

But honestly I was looking for a quicker way to turn on/off the office light while I'm at the computer.

So I opened Microsoft Power Automate, and created two flows to work with bOS RPC API:

  • One flow to turn ON the light; And a shortcut to fire it up (CTRL+SHIFT+L)
  • One flow to turn OFF the light; And a shortcut to fire it up (CTRL+SHIFT+D)

And that's it! Now I can quickly turn on/off the office table light while I'm working, without having to open the bOS apps, by using the bOS RPC API and Microsoft Power Automate.

Lazy asses, you can thank me later :D

Best regards

Ricardo Pinto


    Had to change the shortcuts, so they wouldn't interfere with another existing Windows shortcuts (like in browsers, etc).

    But that's basically it. With this, you can create several different scenes or control specific devices, with a simple shortcut on the keyboard.

    Hope you enjoy it.

    Best regards