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Android Widget

Andrea Pedrotti-Ferrari 3 years ago in bOS Client updated by ComfortClick Support 3 years ago 1

Hello to all

Have you planned the possibility to add widget on Android devices? It would be very nice to execute commands directly without lunch each time the client. 

Thank you and kind regards 


Under review

Clear events list

Nicolae Stefan 4 years ago in bOS Client updated by ComfortClick Support 4 years ago 1

How can I delete events list?



Schedule using similar way as outlook calendar

Dilight-Smart Home Dilight 4 weeks ago in bOS Client updated 3 weeks ago 4

We have facing a request from many customer that the scheduling will be done by a similar way of outlook calendar. 

it much more simple to perform a scheduling this way.

there are other BMS application that using this methodology and that will be great to have such an option the future. 


creating scenes by the client

Dilight-Smart Home Dilight 4 weeks ago in bOS Client updated by Noel Fuentes 2 weeks ago 3

we are looking for an option that the customer will be able to create a scenes by himself via the client. 

as far as we know there is no ability for the client to create full scene alone. there are some other applications that does enable the customer to create new scene, choose group address and decide what it should do. 

that wii be great to have such an option for the future roadmap.


Fix graphs Y axis

Kristián Vojčík 9 months ago in bOS Client updated by Paul G 4 weeks ago 2

Hello. I have got few complain from users that graphs looks so different from each other in way that some have lets say 1 °C of resolution and some has 0.000001 °C of resolution. So my question is about if ti is possible to set fix "prescale" to Y axis to stop it from autoadjust which is great in some case. Thanks. 

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iOS 11.0

Michael 3 years ago in bOS Client updated by ComfortClick Support 3 years ago 1

My  CM Client OS not working with iOS 11,0? Updates coming? bOS Client works, but always ask for login when you start IT. Possible to have the App to save the login information?

Under review

iOS client issue ?

Bart Schellens 3 years ago in bOS Client updated 3 years ago 18

Seems after returning from holiday my iOS devices can't open my project anymore ?  The login page doesn't appear and keeps searching for the controller, both in local and remote (4G) mode.

Web page and Android client login is working perfectly local and remote ?

I tried 3 iOS devices (1 iPhone, 2 iPads) and none of them make it to the login page.

I re-imported the profiles from my account on all 3 devices but no luck.

I noticed iOS had installed during my absence an automatic update of the client app.

Anyone having similar issues ?

Best regards,


Under review

Android Application Yamaha MusicCast doesn't open from bOS

@Nea Smyrni 1 month ago in bOS Client updated 1 month ago 11

Hi! I am facing a problem trying to open an Android Application from bOS . And to be more specific I have created a simple button and I set it to  the Android URL the address from the Google play application with the name MusicCast by Yamaha. So in that way when someone is pressing the specific button will open the application that will be allready installed in his Android smartphone. So, my probme is that when I pressing the button to ''call'' the MusicCast apllication , I am receiving a message saying that 'Package MusicCast Yamaha does not exist'' I will appreciate any help please. Thank you in advance!


Android Fail to Login in recent Updates

SYSGLOB LDA 2 months ago in bOS Client updated by Jürgen Jürgenson 2 months ago 3

Hi all.

I notice that after updating any server (Jigsaw or Grinder) with version 4.7.19 or more, any android phone can't connect to bOS Client. No problem with iOS or Windows.

I already tried with 4 different Android Phones and differente servers and all can't connect.

Anyone with this problem? 

Thanks for the help.


Android and iOs push error

CS Domotic CS Domotic 2 months ago in bOS Client updated by Ricardo Pinto | visiontech.pt 2 months ago 6


From somes days the push notification not working and I have this error into the event list.

Devices : 18.08.2020 17:26:51 : Error : General\Messaging : Android push error. Une ou plusieurs erreurs se sont produites. à System.Threading.Tasks.Task.ThrowIfExceptional(Boolean includeTaskCanceledExceptions)
à System.Threading.Tasks.Task`1.GetResultCore(Boolean waitCompletionNotification)
à System.Threading.Tasks.Task`1.get_Result()
à BOSServer.Cloud.ServerCloudClient.SendNotificationAndroid(String gcmToken, String messsage)
à BOSServer.BOSServerMain.SendNotificationAndroid(String token, String text)
à BOSGeneral.Drivers.Common.AndroidQueueObject.Send(NodeHost host, Messaging messaging)

The problem apear for iOS and Android.

Notifications worked until a week ago and I have nothing change on the server since.

Any idea ??

Best regards