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Android Widget

Andrea Pedrotti-Ferrari 2 years ago in bOS Client updated by ComfortClick Support 2 years ago 1

Hello to all

Have you planned the possibility to add widget on Android devices? It would be very nice to execute commands directly without lunch each time the client. 

Thank you and kind regards 


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Clear events list

Nicolae Stefan 3 years ago in bOS Client updated by ComfortClick Support 3 years ago 1

How can I delete events list?


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iOS 11.0

Michael 2 years ago in bOS Client updated by ComfortClick Support 2 years ago 1

My  CM Client OS not working with iOS 11,0? Updates coming? bOS Client works, but always ask for login when you start IT. Possible to have the App to save the login information?

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iOS client issue ?

Bart Schellens 2 years ago in bOS Client updated 2 years ago 18

Seems after returning from holiday my iOS devices can't open my project anymore ?  The login page doesn't appear and keeps searching for the controller, both in local and remote (4G) mode.

Web page and Android client login is working perfectly local and remote ?

I tried 3 iOS devices (1 iPhone, 2 iPads) and none of them make it to the login page.

I re-imported the profiles from my account on all 3 devices but no luck.

I noticed iOS had installed during my absence an automatic update of the client app.

Anyone having similar issues ?

Best regards,


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Schedule issue

Noel Fuentes 4 days ago in bOS Client updated by ComfortClick Support 3 days ago 2


With the latest update, when I'm editing schedules task via bOS client, if I select a weekly schedule for one of them, all other schedules change.

Anyone else with this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


Thank you for usring Freee bos.To remove this message please buy the license.

Mick 3 months ago in bOS Client updated 3 months ago 3

Guys, I'm new to Comfort click and so I try it out to see if it can replace my existing Vera systems. I am the only one using the system yet it would appear I have exceeded the 1 license . I have rebooted, restarted the server... I am unable to log into my single client. I'm running Windows 10.  I'm probably doing something stupid but I'm stuck. Help!


Not working push notification on Samsung devices

Kristián Vojčík 4 months ago in bOS Client updated by Jürgen Jürgenson 4 months ago 7

Hello. Have anybody not working push notification and play sound on Samsung device? I am having issue not receiving push notification. I already try phone restart, clear cache, reinstall app, chceck notification is allowed on phone, clear app data, renew bOS config. In my case push notification is working on iOS devices and other Android devices. Just Samsung phone have issue. Please let me know if somebody have similar issue or if you had and found fix. Thanks.

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Lan network not connecting

Niels Bulten 5 months ago in bOS Client updated by ComfortClick Support 5 months ago 4

After setting public ip i can acces the server from 4g (Iphone) but not while connected to the WiFi.
Laptop connection (on the same WiFi) works fine.

Anny idea's?

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problem connecting to bOS client by IOS devices

Dilight-Smart Home Dilight 9 months ago in bOS Client updated by Jürgen Jürgenson 9 months ago 4

Hello, our customer face inability to connect to the bOS client by IOS devices (IPAD and iphone) from several devices. it used to work and now doesnt work at all. 433 is open and we have no problem to connect from any place with any devices.

if he connect by web page it works fine.

i have the feeling that this is something with the IOS device, something that relate to issue with the configuration of the device.

does anyone face such an issue? any suggestion?

thank you,



iOS client cannot connect

Francois Lesueur 10 months ago in bOS Client 0


I have a Grinder, a Jigsaw Z-Wave, and a Jigsaw KNX. The 3 servers run bOS V4.4.4 and they are on different location / houses. 

I'm using multiple iPads and Android tablets in each locations ; everything is working fine.


I'm using the same iPhone - my iPhone- in the 3 locations. 

On the Grinder and Jigsaw KNX, no issues at all. 

On the Jigsaw Z-Waver, my iPhone doesn't want to connect. I have to remove profiles on the bOS client, on the server, and reboot, to be able to connect back for a while... and then it's stuck again, and I have to remove profiles everywhere and reboot. And again again and again. Any ideas how to fix this once for good ?