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Trigger Alexa Routines using bOS - IKEA TRÅDFRI light example

Flávio Sanches (ComfortClick) 1 year ago in bOS Configurator / Alexa updated by De Landtsheer Michael 1 week ago 1

Hello everyone. We have just published a new video showing how to trigger an Alexa Routine using bOS. This can be very useful for everyone who already has Alexa integrated into bOS (Alexa integration tutorial) and would like to control some Alexa-supported devices via bOS.

In this example, we use a Virtual Button to turn an IKEA TRÅDFRI Zigbee light on and off.

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Google Home connection lost

Robert Gaiser 8 months ago in bOS Configurator / Alexa updated by Artem Kuteynikov 6 months ago 13

Hi forum :-)

Since almost 6 months I have the problem, that I frquently loose the connection to Google home. If I ask Google to carry out an activity that is linked to Comfortclick, I get the answer "Comfortclick ist not accessible". I can solve the issue by reconnecting my account to Comfortclick over the Google Home App. This is generally a solution, but mostly I need to reconnect it daily as the connection is lost that often. 

Is there any solution for this issue?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Alexa can't find device

Jean Michel 10 months ago in bOS Configurator / Alexa updated by ComfortClick Support 10 months ago 4

Hello everyone! 

My Alexa has always worked well. But about 2 days ago it doesn't work anymore...

It no longer responds to devices already configured, and after deleting and registering again, there is no longer any device ... despite everything being configured correctly, I say this because they already worked well. WAN port is ok and Skill also connects well.

Reading in some old threads, I saw that sometimes it stopped working, people asked for support, you checked and it started working again... Is it any of these cases, some incompatibility with the update or something? By the way, someone else with problems with Alexa? Haha ha

Thank you for your support!


Which Commands are needed for Alexa to move Blinds / shutter

Stephan Wehner 1 year ago in bOS Configurator / Alexa updated by Stephan Wehner 1 year ago 1


is there a list with Alexa command's to move Blinds or Shutters. Alexa works with lights really good.

But which commands and devices must i choose in Alexa api.

Thanks for help