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bOS + IFTTT integration | Tutorial

Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 5 years ago in General updated by Łukasz Klinger 3 years ago 9


I've decided to create a small tutorial on how to integrate bOS and IFTTT by using bOS RPC service.

bOS Offers a JSON RPC Service for integration of bOS Server with other systems. The RPC service can be enabled by editing the BOSService.exe.config file. Value "EnableRPC" should be set to "True". Service port can be changed in the "RPCServiceUri" parameter. The firewall exceptions must be set manually in Windows OS.

I'll be using bOS RPC service to interact with IFTTT. It also can be used to interact with Tasker on Android. I use both services with bOS, but I'll be posting a very simple example here just for IFTTT, as I don't have time right now to explain the complex logic of Tasker.

The most important thing here, is to master the integration between IFTTT and bOS. Then you can do whatever you want...

Let's start with a very simple example, so that later you can adapt to your needs.

The RPC service on bOS is used for beta purposes and doesn't provide any security. Use it only on secured networks behind firewall, or use it at your own risk.

Please don't use this on end customers. Use it in your home, in your office demos, etc. But please don't use it for professional purposes. While bOS is a powerful tool, IFTTT and Tasker rely on the internet, on external servers and services, etc, so you should not use this for professional use, neither rely on external services that you can't physically control. If you're a professional installer, and you use this integration and somehow it fails, it's YOUR reputation!

For more information, please visit: https://www.comfortclick.com/Software/Manuals/BOSServer#RPCService

In this example, we'll be using just a Date & Time trigger on IFTTT to turn on a light on bOS. I know that bOS has timers, but this is just for demo purposes to show you off the bOS + IFTTT integration. You can change and adapt the IFTTT integration to your needs, for example "If a new e-mail drops on my Gmail, set my KNX RGB light to red", or "If my Netatmo Weather Station detects strong wind, close all my KNX shutters".

So, first things first. You'll need:

Step 1
- Port forward TCP port 81 (Please don't forward external port 81 to internal 81! Use a higher external port, let's say 55081)

Step 2 - A fixed IP external address, or a Dynamic DNS

Step 3 - Get the Path for the circuit / object you'll be using on bOS

I'll jump Step 1 and 2, and explain Step 3:

In this example, I want to use an office light. So I open my bOS Configurator, scroll down to my KNX Light, click on Info tab, and copy the Path:

Image 1694

Now we need to form the JSON body to POST on IFTTT service.

The Path I've copied is: Devices\KNX Apartamento\iluminacao e tomadas\comando individual iluminacao\Focos mesas escritório

But we need to double the backslashes on the Path, so we turn this: Devices\KNX Apartamento\iluminacao e tomadas\comando individual iluminacao\Focos mesas escritório

Into this: Devices\\KNX Apartamento\\iluminacao e tomadas\\comando individual iluminacao\\Focos mesas escritório

The simple SetValue body post is something like this:

{"objectName":"INSERT PATH HERE","valueName":"Value","value":"true"}
where "value":"true" is to turn the value to true or 1. You can change to false or 0, or look for the other examples at: https://www.comfortclick.com/Software/Manuals/BOSServer#RPCService

So we past our path, and get something like this:

{"objectName":"Devices\\KNX Apartamento\\iluminacao e tomadas\\comando individual iluminacao\\Focos mesas escritório","valueName":"Value","value":"true"}

Now we're ready to go to IFTTT!

Choose to create a new Applet, click on THIS and choose your trigger. In this example we'll be using Date & Time.

Image 1695

Now click on THAT, and search for Webhooks. Then click on Make a web request.

Image 1697

Now let's fill the data:


Method: POST

Content Type: application/json

Body: {"objectName":"Devices\\KNX Apartamento\\iluminacao e tomadas\\comando individual iluminacao\\Focos mesas escritório","valueName":"Value","value":"true"}

And that's it! Everyday at 1:00h the Office light turns on from IFTTT service.

This is just for demo purposes, so I've used a Date & Time trigger on IFTTT and a single light on bOS. With some patience, you can do whatever you want... call scenes, set other values etc.

Using IFTTT + bOS let's you exercise your imagination. For example: I use IFTTT as a translator between KNX and Xiaomi Yeelight, with bOS as the master. In my office, if I press a KNX button, bOS sends an action for IFTTT, which sends an action to Xiaomi Yeelight ledstrip.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. As soon as you master the integration, you'll do whatever you want with bOS and IFTTT.

Best regards,

Ricardo Pinto | VISIONTECH.PT

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Background picture change on value

Fabien Fuster 6 years ago in General updated by Stephen Andries 1 year ago 5

Unless I missed it, I would love to be able to have a "dynamic" background picture that would change based on a node value.

As one simple exemple, we would be able to change a background picture to show day or night environment while the front layer could display the weather condition. both would change based on their respective node value. 

Again, should it be possible and I missed it, disregard my post (but I would love to know how to program this ;-))




email and calendar triggers

Francois Lesueur 6 years ago in General 0


I feel there are no easy ways to trigger actions based on external events from the Internet : for example based on in-coming mails, or on a Google Calendar. 

The Google Calendar would enable for example to control heating based on a vacation calendar. I know that you can import one in bOS, but you have to do it. It doesn't happen automatically every 3 hours or so.

The email with the right title or the right template could trigger the opening of the door, or the heating of the swimming pool, or whatever. 

That would be easy to do with IFTTT, but in the meantime, some basic features in the existing calendar or email devices would help. 

Thanks you,


Under review

Delete events and logs

henrique_b 7 years ago in General updated by Jürgen Jürgenson 2 years ago 6

How can I delete events and logs list?


Nest thermostaat

Fred Hartman 8 years ago in General 0

Will the Nest Thermostat being supported by Comfort click software in future?

Under review

Server Diagnostics

Ghita Laurentiu 4 years ago in General updated by ComfortClick Support 4 years ago 1


Is there any possibility to check the load of the bOS server? Some kind of diagnostics screen or something.





Marco Antonio Fernandes 4 years ago in General 0

Good afternoon everyone.

Could someone explain to me why the graph's strange behavior in relation to normal mode and full mode?

[note the behavior in the attached video.]

Youtube video


Under review

Jigsaw upgrade to 4.9.1

matej bregar 2 years ago in General updated 2 years ago 3

First of all, best wishes to you all!

Now, to the point: I'm trying to upgrade Jigsaw bOS version to latest version (now 4.8.20/ system ver, knx v2).

I waited 20+ minutes after upgrade process start, tried to connect but server was unresponsive. Powering off Jigsaw helped, but bOS was not upgraded.

Any ideas, what could go wrong?



Issues with data export

Eduard Kurdun 2 years ago in General 0

Your bOS product is installed as part of the design of a KNX system for controlling the functions of microclimate, lighting, monitoring the operation of technical systems and optimizing energy resources for the house and the surrounding area.

The purpose of using bOS software is not only for managing the inherent functionality, but also for analysing and building control logic in order to optimize, save, and create complete and effective automation.

Unfortunately, while implementing this project, we encountered a number of problems:

1) export of data from measuring devices is possible only with the frequency originally programmed by the developer. For example, if a graph is selected by the hour, we have the opportunity to receive data with a minimum configured frequency only for a day, and it is impossible to receive data with a minimum configured frequency for a longer period - a week, a month or a year (there we get arithmetic mean data for a day, weeks and months, respectively). We need your options for possible solutions.

2) The standard functionality does not include the ability to export all data at once for all registered parameters or in large groups - now the system allows you to export the data of each parameter separately. This limitation severely complicates the process and makes it inefficient and resource-intensive. For example, to download our 800 parameters, it will take about 3 hours, and then at least another 1 hour to group them. In such a situation, it is almost impossible to talk about the current analysis.

3) In bOS Configurator, export is possible (as far as we know) only in txt format, which cannot be used for importing, for example, into Microsoft Excel or a similar format for subsequent data processing (conducting end-to-end analysis, writing formulas to determine relationships and correction factors, etc.).

4) Moreover, only the data displayed on the screen is exported, or as much as was viewed, i.e. Not the whole story, as we need it for the purposes of analysis.

In connection with the above-listed difficulties of exporting data from the bOS system, we ask for your recommendations and solutions for a more convenient and complex data export for further automated processing.

We are interested in software tools (as part of bOS modules or directly with a database) for accessing and processing data in a user-friendly form.

Under review

Alexa in Italian

Marco Magnani 6 years ago in General updated by ComfortClick Support 5 years ago 10


yesterday I received my 7 echo units form Amazon, but I discovered that there is not the Alexa Skill in Italian: when are you releasing it?