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Background picture change on value

Fabien Fuster 2 years ago in General updated 2 years ago 2

Unless I missed it, I would love to be able to have a "dynamic" background picture that would change based on a node value.

As one simple exemple, we would be able to change a background picture to show day or night environment while the front layer could display the weather condition. both would change based on their respective node value. 

Again, should it be possible and I missed it, disregard my post (but I would love to know how to program this ;-))



Under review


unfortunately this cannot be done yet, but it does sound a nice feature to add into bOS (changing the background when node value change or weather, alarm, etc) I have added this into our developing plan and we will try to implement this into our bOS.

Best regards.

Thanks for your feedback ! I'm sure it will open a lot of interesting possibilities.