Issues with data export

Eduard Kurdun 2 years ago in General 0

Your bOS product is installed as part of the design of a KNX system for controlling the functions of microclimate, lighting, monitoring the operation of technical systems and optimizing energy resources for the house and the surrounding area.

The purpose of using bOS software is not only for managing the inherent functionality, but also for analysing and building control logic in order to optimize, save, and create complete and effective automation.

Unfortunately, while implementing this project, we encountered a number of problems:

1) export of data from measuring devices is possible only with the frequency originally programmed by the developer. For example, if a graph is selected by the hour, we have the opportunity to receive data with a minimum configured frequency only for a day, and it is impossible to receive data with a minimum configured frequency for a longer period - a week, a month or a year (there we get arithmetic mean data for a day, weeks and months, respectively). We need your options for possible solutions.

2) The standard functionality does not include the ability to export all data at once for all registered parameters or in large groups - now the system allows you to export the data of each parameter separately. This limitation severely complicates the process and makes it inefficient and resource-intensive. For example, to download our 800 parameters, it will take about 3 hours, and then at least another 1 hour to group them. In such a situation, it is almost impossible to talk about the current analysis.

3) In bOS Configurator, export is possible (as far as we know) only in txt format, which cannot be used for importing, for example, into Microsoft Excel or a similar format for subsequent data processing (conducting end-to-end analysis, writing formulas to determine relationships and correction factors, etc.).

4) Moreover, only the data displayed on the screen is exported, or as much as was viewed, i.e. Not the whole story, as we need it for the purposes of analysis.

In connection with the above-listed difficulties of exporting data from the bOS system, we ask for your recommendations and solutions for a more convenient and complex data export for further automated processing.

We are interested in software tools (as part of bOS modules or directly with a database) for accessing and processing data in a user-friendly form.