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I have a Grinder module, and I would like to connect a Solar Inverter via UART. In the Grinder module, I have connected the CP2102 adapter to the USB port, bOs recognizes it perfectly in the COM3 port. According to the solar inverter documentation, the communication is UART, 115200bps, 8bits data, 1 stop bit, no parity. The COM3 port, so I have configured it. But I can't get a response from the inverter. I have tried all the combinations on the bos, but I cannot receive data. Any suggestion???


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Modbus devices with different properties in one bus.

Artem Kuteynikov 9 months ago in Devices / Modbus updated 9 months ago 2


is it possible to communicate with devices in the same bus, which have different settings (for example: Low Word First)? Could Data settings of Modbus driver be implemented on Slave node?

And a possibility to disable any Slave (for commissioning or testing) so that server won`t see an error, would be convenient.



What is Modbus Network Capacity in NUC or JIGSAW?

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Good Morning!

I've been researching the Comfortclick website, but I have some doubts about Modbus.

Here are the questions below and also an outline of the basic concepts for Modbus RTC and TCP/IP:

1. Is there any difference in capacity between a NUC or JIGSAW?
2. Is there any difference in capacity between an RS-485 RTU or TCP/IP?
3. Is there any limitation or does bOS Comfortclick comply with the Modbus standard, ie up to 32 devices [without repeater] or 247 [with repeater]?
4. Is there the possibility of limitation by the manufacturer/device, having limited the amount of modbus addresses?
[As shown in the example on the Comfortclick page:


Protocol Modbus.pdf

ComfortClick Support 9 months ago


1. Regarding Modbus, there is no big difference, both servers could handle similar number of Modbus devices (but number of Modbus devices is not the key factor it is number of registers/data points) if it is a commercial project I recommend you to use at least Grinder Black or even better Sledgehammer, due to professional server features (e.g. full disk backup, remote control of server hardware through web interface...)

2. No difference.

3. bOS comply with Modbus standard so you can integrate maximum number of devices according to Modbus standard.

4. Do not fully understand last question.

Best regards

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Modbus TCP on bOS

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Dear Ad,

How many external devices can be connected to a set of bOS via the Modbus TCP communication standard?

Thank & Best Regards


Prevent negative values from Modbus SMA

Michiel Kenis 1 year ago in Devices / Modbus updated 5 months ago 9


I'm reading values from my SunnyBoy SMA Inverter to shown the yield of my solarpanels in my bOS. 

I successfully connect to my SMA with below values:

It goes just fine as long as the sun is shining. Once the sun drops, the NaN value takes it's place and gives me the 

-2147483648 value; When plotting my daily yield, the few actual kw (max. 14 kW) vanishes compared to this ridiculous high value. Is there any way to prevent this kind of spikes? 

I've tried adding a new integer value which is set with a Program and corrected to 0 when the value drops below 0, but this still doesn't works out... Is there another SMA user suffering from the same? 




SMA SunnyBoy returns -1

Michiel Kenis 1 year ago in Devices / Modbus updated by Jürgen Jürgenson 1 year ago 3

I've just connected my SMA Inverter (SB3.0-1AV-41) using the ModBus protocol. Connection was made successfully, but all I retrieve from fetching values is -1 or synonyms (65535 for uint16, 4294967295 for uint32,...). 

I have some ModBus information on this specific inverter ( modbuslist_en.html), and I've tried to crosscheck this with the (slightly outdated) SMA-Modbus example on the Library, but no dice... I cannot read out values from my Inverter and start building my Solar dashboard... 

I'm using the bèta of bOS 4.8.0 and these are my settings for getting the value of Phase A, address 199 in the SMA datasheet, so I use 198 in bOS;

Advise or tips?


How to get LSB from 16bit unsigned value?

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I'm wondering if there is a better way - Komfovent AHU sends its time and date values in 8x2int where MSB is hour value and LSB is the minute value.
I couldnt get the correct values with the options bOS has, so i turned to math... but i feel like the programs i made may be incorrect.

First i divided the 16bit unsigned value with 256 to get the MSB first. Then i basically subtracted the MSB value i got from the MSB Int value and multiply that again with 256. 

As i need to make a visu for the scheduler then it feels like a lot of trouble separating the values. Any better solutions?

Best regards,



Filter NaN values from Modbus

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Hello, I have a problem with Modbus wrong reading values. I have a table with the Power from SMA Modbus Device, this values ​​are normaly between -10kw to 10kw but sometimes this value is readed wrong and set to max value of Input Variable, this situation make that the graph visualized wrong, exist the possibility to filter the values?


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SMA Tripower 10 Modbus communication problem

Josep Gimenez 2 years ago in Devices / Modbus updated by ComfortClick Support 2 years ago 1


I'm trying to connect with a SMA Tripower via Modbus TCP and I can connect with it but when I try to read registers the Tripower response NaN values all the time, I try to change the Slave ID and I try to read diferent adreces but doesn't work, I used the SMA example of the web and I make a new Modbus connection too, can you help me please. Thank you.