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Tilen Suhadolnik 6 years ago in Devices / Modbus updated 6 years ago 0



Comfort Click Jigsaw 3 and PLC bad communication

Milos Jovanovic 1 week ago in Devices / Modbus updated by Jürgen Jürgenson 6 days ago 5

I would like to address an issue regarding the Comfort Click Jigsaw 3 device and the PLC controller. Communication is carried out through the Modbus TCP protocol. The initial problem involves the mobile application displaying the online status of the Comfort Click device, but it lacks successful communication with the PLC controller. Changes in values within the application do not reflect corresponding alterations on the PLC controller. This issue has been temporarily resolved by halting the operation of the PLC and restarting it, but it reoccurs after some time.

The second problem occurred today in the form of the unavailability of the mobile application. When attempting to log in to the device, an error is displayed: "Error connecting to server." Additionally, on the Comfort Click web platform, I noticed that the status of my controller is marked as offline.

I kindly request your expertise in diagnosing and resolving these issues.


Solution to connect bOS with PLC Logo!8

LÊ NHÂN 2 months ago in Devices / Modbus updated 2 months ago 4

I am looking for a solution to connect bOS with PLC Logo!8 to control an intermediate memory area.


change modbus setting through formula

Joost vB 3 months ago in Devices / Modbus updated by Andy Gill 2 months ago 5

Today my home has had a power outage. 

My solar inverters are connected to my Jigsaw through modbus. It appears the modbus connection isn't restored after the outage, possibly because the inverers restart shortly after the Jigsaw-modbus is activated.

The solution seems to be to deactivate and reactivate the modbus through bOS (settings > driver > enable > false/true).

I'm now trying to make a fomula which is triggered after a reboot of bOS. The formula should deactivate and reactivate the modbus driver.

Any tips on how to deactivate and reactivate the modbus?

Or are there any other ways to reactivate the modbus connection?

Thanks for your support! 


Modbus 32int variable to KNX address

Claudio Lauriola 3 months ago in Devices / Modbus updated 3 months ago 1


I need to export a modbus variable (Integer 32 bit signed) to KNX address. 

Unfortunately none of 4 byte KNX objects (signed, unsigned, float) can be link to that modbus variable. Have you any suggestion please?




Claudio Lauriola 7 months ago in Devices / Modbus updated by Jürgen Jürgenson 7 months ago 3

Dear Sirs,

I am working on a Jigsaw Pro (for time for me) and I am integrating modbus TCP/IP - RTU gateway.

When same slave lost communication I can see the message on the app as red log but I would like to show it as variable in the theme. How can do that? I have seen that slave device has not the "connect" status to read.

Thank you for your help.



Modbus read value problem

Eduardo Rosa 1 year ago in Devices / Modbus updated 1 year ago 7


I am working on an energy measurement project for a customer, in which I intend to implement Comfortclick/bOS as the management system.

I have established a modbus connection between an energy measurement device from Finder and the bOS. I simultaneously noticed that the measurement (voltage, current and power) shown on the Finder display differs from the reading obtained by the bOS which is slightly higher.


Connection Type: Serial

Serial Transmission Mode: RTU

Low Word First: False

Low Byte First: False

Data Format: LittleEndian

Write Function Type: WriteSingle

Read Function Type: ReadSingle

Modbus Table: InputRegisters

Data Format: Signed32Bit (to power) and Unsigned32Bit (to voltage and current)

Scale Factor: 1

Use Status Address: False

Readcyclically: True

Please, could you help me with the configuration in order to get the correct reading?




Modbus relay

Ohmin1970 1 year ago in Devices / Modbus 0

Need some help. I have a modbus relay and to turn on and off I have to write FF 00 for on and 00 00 for off to the relay with function code 5 (Write to single relay) how do I do it in jigsaw? Byte 1 adress byte 2 function code byte 3 4 adress of register (big-endian) byte 5 6 data of register (big-endian).


how to connect modbus analyzer 4 wire to a comfort click modbus dongle 2 wire?

Oti Dénia 1 year ago in Devices / Modbus updated by Fredrik Johansson 1 year ago 1

I need to integrate the measures of a Carlo Gavazzi WM12, but this has 4 wire connection.
Can you help me?
Thanks in advance.

WM12 CP v1r1 ENG 0903.pdf

WM12-DIN-96 IM ENG 0902.pdf