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Tilen Suhadolnik 3 years ago in Devices / Modbus updated 3 years ago 0



How to get LSB from 16bit unsigned value?

Jürgen Jürgenson 2 months ago in Devices / Modbus updated 2 months ago 1


I'm wondering if there is a better way - Komfovent AHU sends its time and date values in 8x2int where MSB is hour value and LSB is the minute value.
I couldnt get the correct values with the options bOS has, so i turned to math... but i feel like the programs i made may be incorrect.

First i divided the 16bit unsigned value with 256 to get the MSB first. Then i basically subtracted the MSB value i got from the MSB Int value and multiply that again with 256. 

As i need to make a visu for the scheduler then it feels like a lot of trouble separating the values. Any better solutions?

Best regards,



Filter NaN values from Modbus

Josep Gimenez 9 months ago in Devices / Modbus 0

Hello, I have a problem with Modbus wrong reading values. I have a table with the Power from SMA Modbus Device, this values ​​are normaly between -10kw to 10kw but sometimes this value is readed wrong and set to max value of Input Variable, this situation make that the graph visualized wrong, exist the possibility to filter the values?


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SMA Tripower 10 Modbus communication problem

Josep Gimenez 9 months ago in Devices / Modbus updated by ComfortClick Support 9 months ago 1


I'm trying to connect with a SMA Tripower via Modbus TCP and I can connect with it but when I try to read registers the Tripower response NaN values all the time, I try to change the Slave ID and I try to read diferent adreces but doesn't work, I used the SMA example of the web and I make a new Modbus connection too, can you help me please. Thank you.

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Modbus error handling new features

Jürgen Jürgenson 1 year ago in Devices / Modbus updated 3 months ago 6


I had a small problem with modbus connection that seemed to be all fine(Was connected and no errors in debug), but actually it didn't update values, but i had the error handling setting set to hide. 

Now here's my question if it's set to hide and there is some error does it drop the connection? Or will it still reconnect after the error just doesn't log the error?

I was looking at the diagnostics/debug and it didn't show me any timeouts but it looked like it only was asking 1 register for updates. after i disabled it and re-enabled it started to talk to me again(Started to poll/update all the registers). So right now i left the error handling to reconnect.(Only reason i left it in hide mode was so i could test registers that didn't respond for some reason, now i just turned off cyclical read on them) Modbus connection was "offline" for 2 days.

Also it would be awesome if we could disable/enable modbus driver from the visualization too,  I haven't found a way to do it. We can see the status of the driver that's it.




Relay board C0135 Integration with Comfortclick

Alexander Paredes 1 year ago in Devices / Modbus updated 9 months ago 8

Hi. i would like to know how this Relay board can work with comfortclick

it use MODBUS RTU and can be controlled Using the software in this Site,

also there is a guide on the website, http://www.bizkit.ru/en/2018/12/13/7222/

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Modbus problem with version 4.5.5

Marco Magnani 2 years ago in Devices / Modbus updated by ComfortClick Support 1 year ago 6

Dears Support,

I discovered a ModBus bug in the new version 4.5.5: after few hours the modbus communication driver stops to work. In order to restart you need to reconnect to the server with the configurator toll, select the device modbus deactivate and enable again… after it starts to work again for other hours before stop again

I also tried to restart the server again, but it didn’t solve the problem

Can you have a look on the modbus part of the new server version please?




modbus write value problem

Andy Gill 2 years ago in Devices / Modbus updated 2 years ago 0

Hello there,

I'm on the latest Beta, I'm getting an issue since installing with a Modbus device, it's an I/O module but this only applies to the Digital Outputs which operate by setting the corresponding bit for the digital output.

However, despite the program I use giving out the correct value for the outputs I want on, the Uint16 register only changes for a short time and reverts back to the previous value, and doesn't change the device state? on occasions it does work making it all the more confusing, it's almost as if it's reading back the value from the Modbus device? even with "read Cyclically" off.

It wasn't happening before I upgraded, and to make it even more confusing it's not happening on two other similar devices!?

Any ideas?


Komfovent C5 Modbus TCP

Jürgen Jürgenson 2 years ago in Devices / Modbus updated 2 years ago 3

Hey Comfortclickers

Has anyone integrated Komfovent C5 with bOS? Could I get an example for it? I've made one for Vallox but havent had the time to make it for komfovent.


Modbus SD630 example panel not showing to project in Client. See PrtSc attached

Michael Kanellias 2 years ago in Devices / Modbus updated 2 years ago 1