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Modbus error handling new features

Jürgen Jürgenson 11 months ago in Devices / Modbus updated 11 months ago 2


I had a small problem with modbus connection that seemed to be all fine(Was connected and no errors in debug), but actually it didn't update values, but i had the error handling setting set to hide. 

Now here's my question if it's set to hide and there is some error does it drop the connection? Or will it still reconnect after the error just doesn't log the error?

I was looking at the diagnostics/debug and it didn't show me any timeouts but it looked like it only was asking 1 register for updates. after i disabled it and re-enabled it started to talk to me again(Started to poll/update all the registers). So right now i left the error handling to reconnect.(Only reason i left it in hide mode was so i could test registers that didn't respond for some reason, now i just turned off cyclical read on them) Modbus connection was "offline" for 2 days.

Also it would be awesome if we could disable/enable modbus driver from the visualization too,  I haven't found a way to do it. We can see the status of the driver that's it.



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in some cases when there was no response from modbus, bOS would disconnect and connect the driver again. Using the Hide function in modbus, bos will ignore the no response and not disconnect the modbus (if modbus doesn't get a response from an address, it will of course not update  the status)

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Well ok, it just seemed to me that it wouldn't want to poll other registers, so far its ok, i will keep my eye on it though.