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Andrea Deberto 8 months ago in bOS Configurator / Alexa updated by Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 8 months ago 4

Good morning,

I have a problem with Alexa. I created both the lights and the endpoints.

the server is linked to my installer account. I created a User for the client with an email called "email2". When I add the ComfortClick skill to the Alexa app it finds the (only) server I have on that customer account, it finds the devices but as soon as I try to manage them it tells me "server error" "server not responding".

Immediately afterwards a notification appears "to continue using Alexa you need to relink your account"

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Hello Andrea,

did you forward your ports and have public IP set for your Comfortclick server? Alexa requires port forwarding for communication, so you might have connection issues because of this.

Best regards.


yes i can reach the server through my public IP.

I set a nat of port 443 on the public 8443. could that be the problem? Are there any other port to open?


No, there's no other port needed to be open beside 443.

So if you have access from your public IP, I assume that it's correctly configured on your controller list, kind of like this:

Image 4669

In my case I'm using external port 60443 and redirected to the internal 443. I've tested my Alexa connection, and it works.

Can you show us the tree list from the Alexa API inside your bOS? I had some trouble several months ago, where Alexa was quite sensitive about the name of the Endpoints main node.

Best regards