disable error messages in the administrator account

Pablo Lopez 3 months ago in bOS Client updated 3 months ago 2


Is there any way to disable error alerts in the administrator account?

It's all very well to get instant alerts for errors but when there are cyclical and very fast ones, it's really a problem because it covers the whole screen.

I think it would be quite simple to just have an icon that, for example, flashes next to the event icon as a warning. Then to check the error you would only have to look in Events/Log, which is already done.

I hope you think it's a good idea and you implement it quickly ;) because I have integrated some blubox relays and they notify reconnection with the frequency configured in the GET command to know its status (I have it every second). It's crazy.

Thank you very much. Regards



If you set the account privileges to User then it dont show/spam them to that user but for administrator you cant hide them yet. But i agree that the error notifications should never  render the app useless so you cant use it until the errors stop. Errors should be shown but in their own window.

Hello Jürgen.

Thank you for your answer. I already knew that, but it is not the solution.

I don't know how you do it, but I, with the only two users that are included, I create a user access for the final customer and I keep an administrator access to manage the hidden screens and see those errors.

The truth is that what doesn't seem right to me for the price paid for this product, is the issue of users. There are other systems where you can create as many users as you want and with the level of access you want.

I think they should provide at least 3 users per licence or, at the very least, the cost of the additional user should be much lower.

I always just buy the licence and install it on a dedicated NUC, and that comes with only two users.