DAIKIN AC Units controlled via Wi-Fi

Ghita Laurentiu 4 years ago in Devices / Http updated by Claudiu Ghisoiu 2 years ago 7

Hello everybody,

I've managed to integrate my DAIKIN AC units (Wi-Fi connected) in bOS so I can control them easily and use them in any scene. 

The only thing that you need is to change the IP to match the IP of your units. Hope you enjoy it. Feel free to ask if is something that does not work as you wish. 

Daikin AC Unit.bos

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Thanks for sharing. Feel free to update your example to the Examples Library.

I don't have any way to test it out, as I don't own Daikin units. But great work!

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Sure I will. Thanks!

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Hi  Laurentiu,

Thanks for your contribution !

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Hi Laurentiu,

Can you tell if your implementation would work with Daikin Altherma 3 heat pump? I was playing around but I couldn't get some readings?

Hi Claudiu,

Never tried with DAIKIN heat pumps. Can't say if it works or not as I don't have any DAIKIN heat pump. I've seen on some other websites this message: 

Image 4309

Maybe your heat pump has the new adapter...

Good day Laurentiu,

Thank you for your replay.

it seems that Zennio just have launched https://www.zennio.com/products/clima/klic-da-v2

I shall revert with impressions once in hand.