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I have a problem with Ostent device. Whenever I reboot or update bos server I have to go into comfort click editor and manually change baud rate to some other number and then back to the number 115200 otherwise it does not connect with the bos server and it stays that way until I do this change manually. Is there any way to avoid that?

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thank you for reporting this issue. We'll do some internal testing, try to recreate the problem and see if we can fix it somehow.

Are you using our Jigsaw server or do you have your own hardware?

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Jigsaw server CC-J-2

Lp Danej

But I do have to mention...

Before this trouble began I had an Icon set up on Themes (General\Messaging.Connected) not as Label but as SetButton  - True. My thinking was, any time I lost connection I would give it some true and it would start working again... It kinda worked (about 8 months) until it didn't and then I made the change back to label and this started. I also changed the USB cable in the proses so I have a new one.


I just did a reboot to check on another matter for cameras...

It connected and everything is green, how about that?

I don't get it...

I had troubles for weeks on reboots and tried everything and it was week's before I forced my self to write on this forum...

Today for "the first time" it worked with no troubles after reboot.

Lp Danej

Troubles again...

I found out it receives sms but can't send it when there is no connection to bOS.


indeed if you're sending text messages via bOS and the connection isn't working, the messages won't be sent. The connection needs to be established in order to send notifications.

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Yes I know...

But why does bOS receive SMS and does stuff I program it to do, if there in no connection? Is that normal?

Still no solution for reboot and the connection and edit of the baud rate...

Is there any option to add baud rate setting to THEMES or something like that?


if the GSM modem loses connection to bOS and you try to send out a text message it still gets sent out?

Regarding the baud rate issue, a ticket has already been created and the problem should be resolved with the next update.

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GSM modem has no connection to bOS.

bOS receives sms from OSTENT GSM Modem while there is no connection to bOS

But doesn't send out SMS when there is no connection between OSTENT GSM Modem and bOS 


I send text message "open door"

Door opens...

But i don't receive SMS back "the door is opening" or later the "door is now closed"