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Good morning,

I have an issue.

This is my tree in Bos Configurator

Image 4664

For each panel I have a background image in jpg.

Images are well displayed for floor "sous sol", and "RDC", but not for other floors. However resolution and image type are the same.

I send 2 examples, first one ok, second one not ok

Image 4665

Image 4666

Thanks for help


Never happened to me. I even test it, just the way you have it configured (as Sub Panels), and didn't get any error with background images.

Can you do a Reload on the top right menu, to see if it helps?

Best regards


It did happen to me in the past. Only solution I had found at that time was to stop and restart the CC server. Login in again after restart showed all pictures.

As a side note, I didn't experience this issue since quite a long time, no idea if it is linked to an update or just coincidence.

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Thanks for your answers.

I tested your both solutions. But unfortunately, nothing changes.

That is so wierd...

What happens if you change the background image?

What if you remove the background image, make a reload, and then put the image back?

Can you copy / paste the SubPanel and check if it also happens on the new pasted one? I had some problems in the past with some minor glitches, and in some of them I had to redo to the panel, in other I duplicated the panel and deleted the old one.

Best regards

Hi everyone

Sorry; last weeks were crazy.

If i change the bacground with a standard i,age, it works. But when i change with the real image i need, i have only the background colors displayed.


Little update


Some of image files names have "+" sign. Once deleted it, the issue is solved


I'm glad that you figured it out.

I think that none of us were aware of incompatible characters on the filenames.

Note for all the users: try to keep the filenames with simple characters :D

Best regards