Send message 15 minutes before schedule action

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Let's say that I would like to send a push message to the user 15 minutes before a schedule comes active:

The schedule will power off a device and I would like to inform the user, so he's able to disable the schedule if necessary.

How can I achieve this? I cannot find any way...


I'm afraid that that option is not available.

On the schedules, there's only the option to Enable or Disable the schedule. We don't have any option to check how much time is left until a certain schedule is going to be triggered.

Nonetheless, I'd suggest for you to either send a ticket to suggest that feature (which is pretty good btw), or wait for the team to read the post and take not of your suggestion.

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What I can suggest though, is to add a SendPush command to the schedule and place it x minutes before the main schedule execution.

Let's say:

I have a schedule that's opening my shutters at 08:00h. If I add a SendPush command to the schedule, to fire up at 7:45, I can send a notification at that time. You can call it "Notification prior execution" or something more simple.

I know it's not going to be "pretty" solution, but I think it works.

The only drawback is that the "notification trigger" is going to show up on the schedule list, as an extra command. If that doesn't bother you...

Add SendPush to the command, elaborate your push message, add it to the schedule below and change it's time according to the schedule, for 15m earlier.

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