How to do Z-wave diagnostics

Ronnie Lin 9 months ago in Devices / Z-Wave updated by Krzysztof Szczepański 8 months ago 2

My field is like this Aeotec nano switch is not deployed in every room. In the rooms circled in red, there are two Nano switches and one Multi sensor on the ceiling of each room. There will be a few empty rooms in between. According to the current test, the Z-wave network is not very smooth, and the device is often in the Waiting state. I would like to ask if there is any way or detector to diagnose the quality of Z-wave network! ?

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There are some paid tools that can monitor the Z-wave frequencies and routes. But you could also try the Heal option - or add more nodes/modules that will boost the z-wave signal.  Or move the gateway - add another remote Aeotec stick. Sometimes reinstalling is also the only option that has fixed the slow connections problem. 

IMHO z-wave is never a good option for larger projects - If they work at first there is no guarantee that they will behave the same 2 years later. I've seen same problems with fibaro gateways too. I have never seen a good 100+ devices project that works like it should. Once I did a hotel project but we used separate fibaro gateways on every floor and connected them all to one main controller - even that way we had problems with slow switching once a year or so. Or the floors gateway crashed etc. Z-wave is good if there is no cables and you need to add few modules to already finished project. 

Fibaro itself "died" 2018 imo everything after that has been more buggy - their lates yubii app doesnt even have a option to change the thermostats setpoint for HeatIT thermostats. Their support is clueless as how a wall thermostat works - if there is a problem they suggest you to use theirs heating panel - but then it will overwrite the clients setpoint if its set from the wall thermostat. Also their older app that does have the setpoint working but is not working with newer android model.  

I will add that Z-Wave is good for a small apartment. With a limit of 4 hops and the recommended distance between devices, a maximum of 30 feet gives a very short range. Added to this is electromagnetic interference from other devices. I had a problem with connectivity through one wall. At a distance of about 6 meters from the device, the signal disappeared. In my opinion, if you must use the radio as a broadcast, it's better to do it over WiFi. You will make all mobiles, laptops, TVs etc. happy. They will have a better signal and your tiny devices will repay you with quick responses and constant access. :)