Intercom integration

Dávid Kirchhofer 9 months ago in Devices / Basic updated by Pablo Lopez 8 months ago 6


I would like to to intergate video intercom into CC. Which type of intercom recomended to use where the two way audio, video stream and door unlocking is working from the BOS app and not need to call other app from the BOS.



Currently, there's no direct integration with two way audio on bOS Client app. You need to use an external app to use the intercom with the audio.

Almost all the intercoms are using SIP protocol, and the bOS Client app doesn't have SIP.

With the most intercoms, you can use the image streaming and the door lock via http on the bOS Client app, but not the two way audio as it's not supported.

I believe that's not an easy task to embedded a SIP client on the bOS Client app, so I thinks that's why it's not supported.

Don't know if it will be on future releases, but right now SIP is not supported on their client app.

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Thanks for information. 

Whats type of intercom do you recommend to use?



In theory, any doorbell that supports video stream and door lock control via http.

I would suggest DoorBird for example, it's cheaper than 2N. And you can use Doorbird app to talk with the visitor remotely for free (on 2N, at least some years ago, the remote service was paid).

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Yeah 2N has a license for all 3rd party devices and mobiles. Its ~2€/month per device if you use their cloud sip server. If you use your own sip server like 3cx or smth you don't need the license. 
But 2N also has Indoor touch indoor unit that has no monthly fees and you can install apps on it- bOS works on it just fine.

I guess I'm always cautious about having Android indoor monitors from the doorbell companies, as they usually have some pretty old Android version. I don't work with 2N Indoor Monitor for some years already, at that time they kind of sucked. Their doorbells are pretty fine though, I like the Verso a lot. The licensing it's the only thing that sucks, especially when you have to pay a license to have something like RTSP and http doorlock.

It's like Tesla, where you have a certain feature built-in, but you can't use it unless you pay for a license! It's there!!! But you can't use it. BMW also tried a monthly fee to unlock the heated seats, fortunately it looks like they dropped the idea... capitalist a**holes.

Anyway, unfortunately none of this solves the problem with the two-way audio on bOS app, which is not possible.

I could point out stuff like WebRTC for example, but I know it's not as easy to implement as it may look.

Hopefully on bOS v9 :-P

I referred DoorBird because it was the first that remembered. Even Dahua doorbells can be integrated on bOS for video and doorlock. It's a matter of choice, thankfully.


I have always used Dahua video door phones and they work perfectly.

The SIP server is the outdoor panel itself and you never have to pay anything.

Also, it works even if you don't have internet (if you are inside the house, of course).

And if you also have a Dahua NVR with facial recognition, it can be integrated into it and open your door "by face" ;)