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itv2 interface

luca di giorgio 8 years ago in Devices / DSC updated by anonymous 7 years ago 2


i've an alarm station (BENTEL ABSOLUTE 42 ) i'll like to interface with boss.

The station has an ip module and i can switch on and off areas, alarm and have access to log and events using their app ( absolute app for iOS or android).

i receive mail notifications and phone calls from events .

Bentel support told me that the common interface for their products is ITV2 protocol.

is there something for connecting with boss?



Under review


currently there is no support for ITV2 protocol yet. We might add it in future.Do you have any specification about the protocol?


Unfortunately no. I only know that BENTEL security is the same COMPANY of dsc alarm. Here in italy they have the same phone support, so i think You can easily contact them.