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DSC Powerseries NEO compability

johan wångå 6 years ago in Devices / DSC updated by ComfortClick Support 9 months ago 14


Is comfortclick compability with the DSC powerseries NEO?

Under review


currently we do not support the latest NEO powerseries, once they relese the API for it, we will implement it into bOS.

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Hello! Any new about this? I have several buildings with the DSC NEO powerseries device and I was preparing Comfortclick visualizations for them. Will I need any other hardware to control them by a Jigsaw or a Grinder device?

Thank you!!

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unfortunately DSC still didn't release any API or SDK for us to implement so it's still currently unavailable.

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Hello! A DSC provider sent to me a document to be able to connect Powerneo devices.through its API.

Maybe it could be useful for you.

Waiting for any news! Best regards!

Connected Partner Program Overview April 2018.pdf

Link to the Partner Program

Just my 2 cents, but you could also use PGM's. example PGM 1 for arming, PGM 2 for armed status. If you had more outputs you could use them for alarm status, or use bell out for alarm status. 
Then you need 1 output and 2 inputs for controlling it. if you had more PGM you could use stay arming with those.
This is how I have controlled various alarm systems that don't have any API or support for integration.

I would also like to have native support also but after talking to DSC it doesn't look promising unfortunately. As Jürgen says using PGM ports with KNX actores you can do everything that you wany. If 2 outputs isn't enouth you can use hsm2208 to get extra PGM ports.


I also recommend using PGMs and zone inputs as a workaround, to Arm/Disarm and Alarm status feedback. When APIs are not available, physical connections work great for simple integration.

This is just an example, one of my costumer's bOS. It has a Paradox SP6000, and I've used a simple PGM to a binary input to get the feedback of Arm state, and and pulsed output from KNX to Arm Disarm the system.

Hi! Any new about this? I'm having huge problems with PGMs and relay stations, can't make it work. I'm in troubles because I thought Comfortclick was able to connect with every DSC alarm (I didn't read anywhere there was no compatibility with any serie before selling the installation), and my client won't pay me until I get to control this :(
Will DSC let comfortclick to control Neo series soon?

For simple 1 area arming.
You need to make a momentary(066) or maintained(067) keyswitch arm DSC input - this will be your arming output for bOS

Then you will need to make two PGM outputs - 1) Arming status 2) Alarm status.  These will be your status inputs for bOS

Here is a manual https://cms.dsc.com/download.php?t=1&id=23346

This has worked for me with different alarm units. I haven't programmed any dsc's for 10 years though so...

Thank you indeed, Jürgen!

I'll try and I hope it works. I have no idea about alarms, this is my very first time. Thank you very much for your help!!

You could always ask the installer who installed the alarm system do make those keyswitches and pgms for you. So all you have to do is control them with bOS.
No problem.

Any news on DSC? Zones and PGMs are not a good solution. Would like to get more information from the system. I have HS2064 unit with TL280RE communication module. 

Hello Tanel,

as for now, DSC NEO series are not in development. We haven't gotten any active requests for the integration for NEO series and there doesn't seem to be too much interest for it at this point.

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