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not enough memory resources available for this operation

Bernhard Haba 2 years ago in Devices / Cameras updated 2 years ago 6

I have added a third stream to my CC today. Since then I get the error message that there is not enough memory. This must be some kind of error since it can't be the memory with only three streams.

Has anyone else had this?
What can I do?

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Hello Bernard,

I'm guessing you're talking about camera streams? Camera streams have the biggest performance impact on the hardware so multiple streams can cause this error you're showing.

You can workaround this by having each stream on a separate panel, or use Snapshots with higher refresh rate for better performance.

Best regards.

Ok i`ll try to bring it on different panels.

Hi - i did a single panel with only one camera stream - same error.
Now i built a second panel with the other two streams and the error is as often in the 2-stream as in 1-stream. My box is the grinder black so it should have enough power?

Hello Bernhard,

on which PC you get this error? Seems to be an error on  the client. Do the camera streams work ok if you watch them on your phone/tablet?

Also are you running the latest version of bOS?

Best regards.

Hi, thank you - this is on my Notebook (i7 / 16GB / 1TB SSD...). 

On Phone/Tablet it is working without errors and tThe latest version is installed. 

The bOS Client uses approx 6% - maximum 8% of CPU and  500 MB of memory. 

The system over all uses 22% auf CPU and 65% of Memory (16GB).