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unifi camera integration

stephen andries 2 weeks ago in Devices / Cameras updated by ComfortClick Support 1 week ago 3

Is there UNIFI devices support possible? I would like to integrate G5, and G4 AI camera's in my visualisation

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Hello Stephen,

try following the steps in the image and get the correct credentials and use them in our IP camera driver.

Image 4903

Best regards,

thanks a lot! 

But i'm not able to get it working. I don't know to configure it.

the ip adres is if i browse to, it works!!

But i cant get the credentials correct in BOS, what value am i missing?

Image 4904

Hello Stephen,

is your IP camera Connected value in bOS = true? Also, try setting Use digest to true and check if you're displaying Snapshots and not streaming in the visualization.

So select the IP camera in the visualization and check if Enable streaming is set to False (image attached)

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Image 4905