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ONVIF events

Paul G 3 years ago in Devices / Cameras updated 3 years ago 9

Hi everyone, Has anyone successfully handled through BOS ONVIF events? If so can an example be shared? Could not find any example in the library nor in the manuals

Any thoughts? Anyone got the ONVIF events working in BOS? thanks

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what kind of events are you looking to get? Currently movement detection can be received as notification if the camera supports movement detection. You can check this if you select the camera in bOS and select values tab.

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Thanks, couple of things

a) Some ONVIF cameras allow selecting areas at free will which will trigger a motion. So I cannot detect which area the motion is detected to take different actions based on the zone area motion

b) On motion detection subject to the different "selected motion areas" withint the same ONVIF camera, I want to take different approached, like if area 1 is triggered then pull frame X, if area 2 is detected pull an alarm


Regardless, I am using a Vivotek camera, events set-up, the camera records on event detection on its own, however BOS does not seem to catch the event. I tried setting up only one area and still I do not get the event motion detection on BOS, any thoughts on what the root cause might be?


try double checking the camera settings again, usually  recording on motion detection is different than motion detection event.

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Thanks, your point made me give another spin to this. Vivotek has a set of URL commands to manage the camera, it can send a notification to different type of servers, however, it is unclear how BOS would receive a notification. In other words, How does BOS gets notified of a "motion" event as per the values in the camera settings? What does trigger the motion value to be updated by BOS? What does the camera need to send to BOS server address to get to know there has been a motion?  Whereas in the "connected" value it is BOS the one pulsing the camera IP, in the motion case it has to be the other way around, but HOW? what is BOS expecting where?  

The latter is important, there might be a bug, based on ONVID protocols BOS should request a Subscription to the Event Subscription Manager of the Camera, if such doe snot happen OR is happens but BOS gets an error from the camera, then the motion event will simply not work in BOS. 

Can you please clarify what BOS is doing? This looks like similar problem with the UPS handling, where BOS has some unkown limitations.

ONVID WS protocol that BOS must follow for this to work

15.2.1 Create pull point subscription
The device shall provide the following CreatePullPointSubscription command:
Table 210: CreatePullPointSubscription command
CreatePullPointSubscription Request-response
Message name Description
This message contains the same elements as the
SubscriptionRequest of the [WS-BaseNotification] without the
wsnt:FilterType Filter [0][1]
wsnt:AbsoluteOrRelativeTimeType InitialTerminationTime [0][1]
xs:any SubscriptionPolicy [0][1]
The response contains the same elements as the
SubscriptionResponse of the [WS-BaseNotification]:
wsa:EndpointReferenceType SubscriptionReference [1][1]
xs:dateTime CurrentTime [1][1]
xs:dateTime TerminationTime [1][1]
Fault codes Description
The same faults as for Subscription Request of the [WS?BaseNotification] are used.
15.2.2 Pull messages
The device shall provide the following PullMessages command for all SubscriptionManager
endpoints returned by the CreatePullPointSubscription command.
Table 211: PullMessages command
PullMessages Request-response
Message name Description
PullMessagesRequest This message shall be addressed to a SubscriptionManager in order to
pull notifications:
xs:duration Timeout [1][1]
xs:int MessageLimit [1][1]
PullMessagesResponse The response contains a list of notifications together with an updated
TerminationTime for the SubscriptionManager:
xs:dateTime CurrentTime [1][1]
xs:dateTime TerminationTime [1][1]
wsnt:NotificationMessageHolderType NotificationMessage


you can try installing ONVIF device manager. Then you need to connect to your camera and check the events. We would require a screenshot of your events when the motion is detected.

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Thanks guys, been a while since I used ONVIF device manager, this is what it spits, effectively it seems no events are being recorded despite events are available and defined (and triggered by the camera). This is now very weird