Sonos speaker won't communicate with CC after losing power.

frogger 9 months ago in Devices / Sonos updated 9 months ago 2

Hello, I have noticed that somewhat randomly my Sonos integration would stop responding. I have one Arc speaker which works well with ComfortClick when I set it up, however when the speaker (or whole house) loses power ComfortClick will no longer update speaker status and won't respond to called functions.

It works again after I either remove the speaker from bOS Configurator and add it again, or which I found out recently - after turning the Driver-Enabled to False and True again.

Why is that happening and how to fix this? Enabled value cannot be changed from script.

I hope the drivers disable/enable is in CC's do-to list as it has been requested before. I've had same problems with Sonos but its rare as i have UPS connected. So right now only option is to reconnect it with config. Make sure the sonos has its IP set to static from your router too. 

Thanks for the quick reply.
I have it on static IP. My backup power supply turns on minute after outtage so the issue will remain.

Fuction for reseting drivers would be helpful.