Harmony hub control

Christiaens Filip 9 years ago in bOS Server updated 5 years ago 10


For now I control my harmony hub via comfortclick with a workaround.

I do a http command to a raspberry pi running a http server with node.js and it calls harmonyHubControl which can access the harmony hub using activtiy and command ids.

This is great because you can teach the hub new IR commands.

So I can not only start activities but also control IR relais and sockets (cheap stuff).

I just read that harmony has released (don't know when) and API for the hub. Any plans to integrate this as a device in comfortclick?


This would make things much easier and I add a lot of value to your product.


Hi, we are trying to support as many devices as possible. As you might see, we already support 2 devices for sending IR codes: Global Cache and IR Trans. We might integrate Harmony hub in the future, but we cannot say when.


OK, thanks.

The API is only officialy available for partners of Logitech.

Harmony Hub is much more than sending IR commands. The remote is really easy to set up and to use. The API would allow comfortclick to now wich activity was started (e.g. Movie on projector) and automated actions could be started (e.g. close curtiains, dim light).

In my workaround, it is not possible to retrieve a activity state change from the hub.

I totally agree with Filip, also the harmony software is more globally used, Global Cache and IR Trans i think are more a thing for professional system integrators. It would be nice if ComfortClick could support the DIY community as stated on your site. This surely could be a enormous boost for ComfortClick.

A native support/integration of would be great!

Harmony Hub can be integrated. It is not natively supported but with with restful-harmony you can use HTTP requests to get activity quite easy from ComfortClick and have Harmony Hub activity stored in a variable.

I'm using this for light scenes in ComfortClick and also starting reciever with Sonos Connect.

Yes, I now use node js with the library harmonyhubjs-client from swismannu to receive state digests and to send commands and start activities. The first does an RPC Call to comfort click and for the two last ones nodejs acts as a http server.


Hello, I also use Harmony Hub do you have a solution to integrate it ?

Hi, any progress or planned release with harmony hub integration?


You can already have some integration using bOS + IFTTT.



Hi, thanks for the video. It explains hoe to get info with RPC to bOS.

But what I need is the other direction. 

bOS must be able to start a Harmony Hub activity. For example, I want to say: Hey Google, it's bedtime. Thanks to awesome integration of google assistant, all lights go off via bOS, but I want the program to also turn the TV off via harmony hub. 

Or, Hey Google, Movie time. 

I know in google assistant, you can control the harmony hub directly, But I want bOS to be the central brain of my home automation.


Great succes. Using http server in bOS as device and setting:

host URL:  https://maker.ifttt.com/trigger

and adding a command with 

/test/with/key/yourKey with test being the event name in IFTT (used as trigger in service webhooks).

Test IFTT in advance with the URL listed in

where you can also can find yourKey