Any plans for IFTTT integration?

Joachim 6 years ago in bOS Server updated by Flávio Sanches (ComfortClick) 5 years ago 11


Maybe you should have a look in their API : https://platform.ifttt.com/docs/api_reference



Following this topic, I'm able to send data from Comfortclick to IFTTT, but how could I send data (without a previous request, I mean, not in a response) from IFTTT to Comfortclick? For example, when I enter an area, IFTTT can send data to an URL, but what URL could I use to make comfortclick get that data?

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You will have to parse JSON or XML data from the IFTT URL. Not using IFTT, I don't have all details, but all is well documented in the URL I've posted earlier.

In ComforClick, you will have to parse the feed via HTTP device you will have created for that.

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Has anybody been able to make progress on interfacing bOS with IFTTT ? I would be very interested as well, but I'm not knowledgable enough to do it myself. 

Fernando, could you share how you managed to get bOS to IFTTT working ? 

I'm more interested the other way round (maybe with bOS server RPC ?), but one way would already be a good start for me :-)


I'm also using IFTTT, and I'm using it to fire up some things from bOS to a third party system, using IFTTT.

Didn't had the chance to do the opposite yet, but I believe it's doable, with more or less gymnastic.

I think the best way will be using RPC as you mention, even though it doesn't look much safe to expose the service.

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Today I've tested sending some stuff from IFTTT to bOS and it worked.

Basically you need to enable RPC, expose your RPC port (or at least port forward to a higher port) so that IFTTT can see it, use any kind of dynamic dns so you can have a "fixed" address, and use WebHooks on IFTTT.

You can use RPC SetValue in IFTTT WebHooks, to send post data to bOS.

I've tested when connecting to a specific Wi-Fi SSID (my home), IFTTT sends post data to bOS, which in turn verifies if it's Night mode according to my schedule or not, if it is, executes a Night light scene, otherwise it doesn't run the Night light scene.

If you also do the opposite, send a trigger from bOS to IFTTT, also using WebHooks and then fire up whatever you want on IFTTT. For now, I was just able to send a simple trigger from bOS to IFTTT, not sending actual values yet (further testing needed).

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Hi Ricardo,

Looks very interesting. Could you explain in more details how you did it ? 

What information do you enter on the Webhook in the following fields : 

Action : Make a web request ?

URL : your IP address or DNS ? 

Method : POST ?

Content Type : ???

Body : ???

What is the RPC port number that needs to be forwarded ? 

And finally once RPC is enabled on bOS server (which it was on my Grinder by default), how do you trigger a script within bOS when Webhook sends the request ? 

Sorry for all my questions. I'm really struggling to get this up and running. Your help would be very much appreciated.

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Hi Francois,

I've been very busy and didn't had any time to carefully explain the process.

In a couple of days I'll be able to share the integration.

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Hi Ricardo,

Thank you for your message. No problems, I can wait a couple of days. 

Thank you in advance for sharing the integration. 

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Hello Ricardo,

Would you be able to share your setup ? That would be very useful for me.

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