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Weather data no longer provided

Andrew Watson 2 years ago in bOS Server updated 2 years ago 2

I have a Jigsaw server. The weather data is no longer being provided - all data is zero. This server has been operating correctly for a number of years and the weather data was displayed yesterday. No config changes have been made. The Jigsaw has been restarted. The DNS is correctly resolved by and nslookup from the SSH shell returns the correct IP addresses for www.comfortclick.com and the weather data source, The location code is correct and I have re-checked this. It would appear that the Comfort Click bridge server / api is returning all zeroes. The behaviour is the same on my Windows one user test server.

Can you please investigate and resolve?



Under review

Hello Andy,

seems the server isn't syncing correctly anymore, we can easly fix  this problem. It would be best if we can schedule a quick teamviewer session and resolve this problem together.

You can contact us at support@comfortclick.com and we can scedule a quick remote session and fix the problem.

Best regards, David


Thanks for investigating the problem with teamviewer - your support was great.