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Jürgen Jürgenson 9 months ago in bOS Server updated by ComfortClick Support 5 months ago 10

I thought I'd create a new feature request thread that consolidates known feature requests into one topic. Please feel free to add your own requests here.

Here are some updates I've been waiting for:

  1. Improved search options - for user logs and general devices. Some logs have filter/search options, but most of them don't. If we need to debug user logs, it can be challenging to find specific entries, especially in a large apartment building with 180+ apartments.
  2. The ability to disable/enable drivers from themes/programs.
  3. The option to insert links into the bOS web browser/camera jpeg links directly from a program.
  4. The option to disable the bOS internal chat or limit chat access to admins only.
  5. The ability to export data to Excel, particularly metering values and other relevant information for building managers
  6. Better graphs for analog logs - zooming and pinpointing values. 

    Forum feature - make it so the user/topic creator is able to edit its posts - it lets you edit for only a short time period after posting.

Also alert messages inside bOS app should be in a separate window, so they wont cover(overlap) the full screen. For example if there is an error with push query - then its impossible to use the app if it only spams errors.  Sometimes the admin needs to turn off the unit that has errors but again its hard when the events are actively updating. 

Image 4681

Also in the events windows, would be nice if there was a button "acknowledge" or something - as every new device that logs into same account has to scroll thru all the events to clear the red mark(new events active). 

Addition to MinMaxAvg there could be possibility to pick biggest and smallest values from input values. For example I have 10 values and I would like to be able to pick 4 biggest values from the list.

bOS Configurator and Client needs search button and would be nice to organize projects according to use or alpabetically.


I have 350 modbus reading I need to send to email. Now it takes a lot of work to add these values. There could be a better solution. Importing the values and email body from excel for example.

Image 4720

Image 4719

I'm in the same boat. 
Right now im using a paid service to export the metering values to excel as none of our building managers know how to use text to columns feature in excel so they could use the info from email themselves. I'm not too worried about my manual work but export to excel would be a must have imo. 

My metering import is also a lot of manual work. But as every building is different the import excel file would still need to made custom.

Image 4721

Under review


we'll see what we can do regarding these values for importation into our tasks.

Regarding your previous request for search and sorting, try updating to our latest beta version. Many quality of life improvements have been implemented in the beta (read the update notes). We'll also make a separate video explaining the main features that were added.

Best regards.


Great to see new features.

I would like to have search/filter option for user logs too.

Image 4767

Happy holidays!

Hello Jurgen,

I'll put it in the pipeline as well so we'll add the filter here as well.

Best regards.

Another idea: Would it be possible to send a notification to email when bOS controller goes offline(Online/offline status is visible under the bOS controllers). We monitor our network devices but if the router itself is pinging it doesnt show us if the bOs service is down. Or what is the best method of monitoring the bOS service? 


Hello Jurgen,

currently this isn't possible, however it is a great idea. I've added it to our pipeline for integration.

We might add a check button for the controllers you wish to keep an eye on. Simply adding this function now without this option would mean if you have 100+ controllers and for some reason many of them are offline, you'd start getting a ton of email spam..

So we might add a check option for each server that you can tick and then get a notification if it goes offline.

Best regards.