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Port forwarding alternative

Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 6 years ago in bOS Server updated by ComfortClick Support 1 year ago 24


Wouldn't it be nice to have an alternative to port forwarding?

I remembered this today, when I had to hard reset my ISP router, and totally forgot to reopen the ports to bOS and found myself with no access on mobile network. So no bOS, no Alexa commands to bOS etc.

In fact, there are many services that are using "P2P" services, using mechanisms to get rid of the port forwarding stuff.

The reality is that we are often hard resetting the ISP routers. Sometimes by ourselves, other times because of automatic firmware updates from the ISP. And many times we forget the port forwarding stuff.

What do you think?

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I know that probably this implementation would require a middle server or something to take care of the IP records etc... (But I think that our Comfortclick account already does that, by using our Access ID).

So if there was a secure alternative to port forwarding bOS it would be great...

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we are working on a solution without port forwarding, which will be available in future releases, we're trying to get the best alternative for our port forward option that is available now, but it will probably require a monthly fee.

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Any updates on remote access without port forwarding?



gateway access (remote access without any port forwards) is in our beta stage right now, if you want to test it, please contact us (support@comfortclick.com) and we'll arrange it.

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I am also intersted to test gateway access feature.


Will this solution without port forwarding not need a fixed IP address ? 

That would be great, because this would enable to use 4G (which apparently does not allow fixed IP address) to easily connect to bOS server. I would be happy to pay for the monthly fee for this. 


I am using Laptop as server 

want to access Client app  remotely

port 443 is OPEN Still not connecting 

error is Sever not available ,   Port forwarding is also done 



You need to assure that port 443 is correctly opened in the Windows firewall.

You can test the connection with the following site:


If it says port closed, then the port configuration is not correctly opened in the Windows firewall, and you need to double check it.

bOS is actively listening on port 443 locally, so if it doesn't work remotely, it's almost certain that the problem is on your Laptop's Windows firewall

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Also check if other port forwardings are working, sometimes ISP turns forwarding off, and you will need to call them to activate it.

Dear Sir

I want to test the gateway access.

- Jef

Hello Luka.

Is there a solution for P2P/cloud connectivity with ComfortClick?


gateway access to your bOS Servers (without any ports forwarded) is being developed by us.

Currently it's in testing stages and we're activating it to our testing users so they can connect remotely to their servers more safe, this feature will be available to everyone in the future when we have it 100% working.

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our gateway is available to everyone now. You can contact our sales team and arrange the activation:


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Guys, though easier if bOS comes with he VPN client masked inside, there is also no need to open ports to connect fro outside of the bOS server network. Both Android and iOS come with default VPN clients, and if better options to be used, like OPENVPN, then you just download the app and set it up. I have easily set-up OpenVPN client on an iOS device, to connect to a OpenVPN server, whose behind it has the bOS server running in a separate machine, and everythign works fine. The ley question here is that is the VPN client layer is being developed on bOS that can bring more security holes than anything else for obvious reasons, ideally what should happen is for bOS to leverage in the background proven and pentested VPN clients available in the market, like OpenVPN, else there is an extra layer of security holes being introduced. 


Is there finaly any solution to this?


currently we are offering the gateway for our clients. If you want we can activate for you, but contact our sales team and arrange a gateway activation.

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Hello, do I need a Static public IP Addres to run this new gateway service or does it run over Dynamic IP ?

Hi Jurgen,

Are you having any problems with the gateway on 4.9.1? or is it just me?

What kind of problems? I don't have any connection problems. I have some modbus problems. But not sure if its related to bOS server - i need to recheck the devices again.

Specifically the Gateway, resolved now by CC they'd carried out some updates to the Gateway.


There are some solution for CG-NAT conections? P2P conection it is available now or not?

Thank you!

Hello Oscar,

P2P isn't available, but we do have gateway access option, which we can enable for you and you can access your server remotely without the need of port forwarding.

For more info and activation, please contact flavio.c.sanches@comfortclick.com.

Best regards.