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Adding z-wave device parameters - Qubino

Andrew Watson 7 years ago in Devices / Z-Wave updated by Jure Lahajnar 7 years ago 1


I'm attempting to configure a Qubino thermostat ZMNHID. The supplier claims it is accredited but the device xml is not available in the Z-Wave Alliance web site. Device discovery shows the various functions (thermostat, power etc) but does not provide parameters. So I have added these using the "Parameter Details" dialogue and I can read the values with "get". I cannot write the values using the "set" function - it fails with an "index out of bounds" error, probably because I cannot define the "Values / Description" rows in the "Parameter Details" dialogue box.

So my question is can I import my own z-wave XML configuration file (just like I can import ETS files for my KNX devices) or can I populate the "Values / Description" rows?


Under review

Toggle button send sometime several time the same command instead of toggling them.

Fabien Fuster 7 years ago in Devices / KNX updated 7 years ago 2

Seems to be a bug somewhere as I did confirm via ETS that hitting several time on the toggle button, the same command is send. This is erratic and do function sometime properly for a short period of time.

Feedback word is already associated with the command under the specific devices.

Anything I can do to help sorting out this issue ?


HTTP request stopping

Andy Gill 7 years ago in Devices / Http 0

Hi There,

I have a Http Json type that fetches meter data, I'm finding it stops fetching randomly once stopped does not come back until I change for example the encoding? it still shows as connected?

So one is this to do with timeout? if so is there a way of detecting it's happened and resetting something automatically?


Timer / stopwatch ?

netit 7 years ago in Devices / Other updated 2 years ago 8

The current "Timer" function (count down) in bOS is great, but are there plans to have a timer-counter ? (count up / stopwatch) ?

Idea I'm playing with is to calculate the time since an action last occurred (example: last movement in house 10 minutes, 1 hour... 2 hours ... ago), and then trigger an event.


Playing sound file on a specific Sonos device

Bart Schellens 8 years ago in Devices / Sonos updated by LÊ NHÂN 3 months ago 13

Can someone tell me how to play a specific sound file in the Music Library of my Sonos system on a specific Sonos. I'm trying to use the ChangeStationByUri(stationName, streamingUrl) function but no success yet. The command is being transferred to the Sonos player when I put the link to the file (\\NAS-....) instead of stationName (and leave streamingURL blank) but my Sonos controller tells me "Unable to locate ...". Also tried putting the audio file in my Sonos favorites and calling the favorite in bOS but no luck so far.


Modbus Coils

Marco Magnani 8 years ago in Devices / Modbus updated by Tilen Suhadolnik 8 years ago 2

Dear Support

I got a problem with the Modbus. I exchange variables with the PLC (Beckhoff) using Coils… I created some buttons in the Comfort click pages and I used them to turn on and off the lights. As well I have some buttons in the Comfort Click page that show the status of the lights based on the output of the light feedback (light on or off)

When I push the light button from ComfortClick (for e.g. to turn on the light) the Modbus updates the coil status and the I see the new coils status in the PLC immediately (around 100 ms) To read the coils status from Comfort Click I used the modbus function code 01 (loading the status of all coils coming from comfortclick in one array of boolevery PLC scan)

Instead when the PLC software change the status of a coil (to update the status of the light) the comfort click tool takes up to 10 seconds to update the coil status in the ComfortClick (I monitor the Modbus bool tag status time to change from 1 to 0 or vice versa directly on the comfortclick tag value page)

To write the coils for comfortclick I used the modbus function 15 writing every 2 plc scan the status of all the coils directed to the comfortclick in an array of bool

The coils that I used to turn on the light and monitor its status are different (2 different coils with different address)

Can you help me to make the update of the coils to comfort click faster? As it is now is a pain...




Aeotec Z-Stick

Marco Magnani 8 years ago in Devices / Z-Wave updated by ComfortClick Support 8 years ago 3


I bought the USB Aeotec Z-Stick but when I start to configure it in the comfortclick tool I don t see the configuration - Network tab as you reported in the documentation in your web page.

As well when I try to include the controller in the controller list I don t see anything and as well if I press the button settings

What is wrong?




Can't start IP cameras

Rimas Traks 8 years ago in Devices / Cameras updated 8 years ago 5

Hi, does anyone can play Hikvision camera on iOS or windows client ?

I have tried million configuration, but still no luck :(



if I am paying these links on VLC it shows camera without any problem

also tried with:


still not working.

Also I have made low picture quality on camera settings, still not working :(

Ports on router are open, i can use local and external IP, on VLC works fine, on iOs or windows not.


stella z actuator

Andy Gill 8 years ago in Devices / Z-Wave updated by ComfortClick Support 7 years ago 12

Hi Gents,

I'm trying to get a stella Z valve actuator working, have it included in the network, but getting some random things back but no temperature and no control?

Anyone got any ideas experience with these?




Datasheet JIGSAW

João Sousa 8 years ago in bOS Configurator / Devices updated by ComfortClick Support 7 years ago 7


Where do I find datasheets (pdf) for the Jigsaw?