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3671 port doesn't work

DIMITRIS GIOUSIS 9 months ago in Devices / KNX updated by Ricardo Pinto | visiontech.pt 9 months ago 3

Hello, does anyone know why the 3671 port doesn't work anymore on Bos controller even if there is a port forwarding? I need this for remote programming my KNX installation. It was working good so far since know. Also when the Bos configurator inform me  that i need to update my controller when the window prompt me to, there is no update available.  

Thanks in advance.


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do you use our bOS hardware or your own machine? KNX/ETS programming doesn't go trough bOS so bOS shouldn't effect the remote programming in any way. We'd suggest double checking the network configuration/limitations that might be in place.

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i am using a jigsaw server. Yes, I will check again the network, although i did the appropriate port forwarding to 3671 port  and it is not the first time i use this server for remote programming of the KNX. At the first connection the KNX devices also couldn't be connected but this was solved the next day.  

Thank you for the response.   



I do some remote programming on some costumers running Jigsaw devices, and I don't have any problem (I'm using the stable 4.7.0 on every Jigsaw, I don't use any Betas on production).

Some notes:

- For safety reasons, don't forward the default 3671 port (check the next note)
- Forward a higher incoming UDP port (let's say 53671) to the internal UDP 3671 (to the Jigsaw IP address)
- Don't forget to change to the correct port on ETS if you change it on the previous note
- Don't forget to check the "Connect using NAT mode" on ETS connection

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