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Jigsaw knx physical address

Enric Nadal 3 years ago in Devices / KNX updated by CS Domotic CS Domotic 12 months ago 9


I've configured the physical address in knx for a Jigsaw to be 1.1.63, as the last device before a line repeater.

The issue is that when I open the bus monitor in ETS, I see a lot of traffic coming from 1.1.64, which is the line repeater, but corresponds to the Jigsaw.

Why isn't it using the address I configured?

Thanks in advance

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for the Jigsaw server, it works the same way as a IP interface. It takes 8 addresses after the one set in bos (e.g. if Jigsaw interface is set to 1.1.63 it will take addresses from 1.1.64-72)

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I have a similar problem with the Jigsaw.

I set the physical address to 1.0.60 but after a few minutes when I donwload  KNX device ETS ask me for change the physical address because the physical address is set automatically to 0.0.0 and I see on the bus monitor that the Jigsaw send telegram with 0.0.0.


For me, it stays on the address i originally gave it 0.0.2 But when i open the settings the values are blank. On group monitor I can see that it's asking on 0.0.4 address.

First: I see that I have not the same option in menu. Why ???

second: Have you test if you change the KNX address to 1.0.xx ?

1. I have updated mine to the latest 4.7.22 beta version

2. Noup not yet, I will try it later and give you feedback.

Ok, when i changed the address to 1.0.60 i lost connection to it. And device discovery is unable to find it again even if i changed it back to 0.0.2 like it was before. Rebooting jigsaw did not help. So yeah its strange.

I'm still having trouble finding jigsaws IP gateway. For testing reasons i connected a new 731 ip gw and this is found with jigsaw right away. The internal gateway is missing, i tried restarting, changing the address nothing seems to help.

Thanks Juïrgen for the test.

Contrariwise in my server I dont lose the connexion with another address, juste the address keep the value 0.0.0 in ETS

Now we are waiting for the response from comfortclick support.

I go up the post, because  is a problem with a KNX tolopogy.