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Hello, is it possible to remotely program ets over a purchased cloud connection? or how to get it when the client doesn't have a permanent public IP address?


Yes, it's possible.

For this example, I will assume that the client has a Jigsaw (built-in KNX interface). It also applies to other KNX/IP interfaces, but if you use the Jigsaw KNX connection you have the chance to block the incoming connections to ETS within the bOS Config, which is safer.

First, I advise to NOT use the standard ports, and use a high incoming port > to the default internal port.

Example: forward incoming TCP port 63671 to internal 3671 (please note that I'm using TCP rather than the standard UDP, because the Jigsaw now supports the connection via TCP).

If the client has DynDNS / NOIP / Whatever:

You can use that address to access ETS (create a new connection on the BUS tab on ETS, set the address, set the port to the non-default port as in the example above, and set the "Connect using NAT mode" option).

If the client doesn't have DynDNS / NOIP / Whatever:

I assume that you have the server registered on a ComfortClick account, and you have an Access ID. When the external IP address changes, the Jigsaw communicates that address to the ComfortClick servers, so when you use the Access ID Comfortclick knows where to forward to).

In this situation, I enter my app / bOS Config, edit the existing profile, change to "Manual Configuration" and copy the external IP address (without the https://, just the IP address), and paste that address on my ETS, on the "Server" field".

This step is only to extract the current external IP address to past on ETS. You can cancel the configuration and let it be set it to automatic mode (to use with Access ID),

Whenever you don't need to access the client installation via ETS, set the KNX IP Server to False!!!

Hope if helps.

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Thank you for your answer, but with the help of the cloud purchased from you for comfortclick, can I program via ETS without port forwarding?



Unfortunately it's not possible to program ETS without port forwarding.

There's a "Gateway access", created by CC, which is a kind of P2P connection without port forwarding. But, as far as I know: it's only to access to CC, and not to use as a programming interface via ETS (someone correct me if I'm wrong).

There are solutions on the market that allow P2P connections to ETS, but I don't have any information about how they work, if they work well, and how much they cost.

And to be fair, this is a ComfortClick brand forum, so our main focus are the CC products.

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