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Good morning,

I should send an API notification to a Mobotix camera and ask you for help

I have to send this TCP string§ion=settings&armcond_ac1_source=disable

I used the HTTP connector and I am connected with the camera.

I don't understand how I have to set the Comand object


You can use the last part of the command in the command string editor text window: /control/control?set§ion=settings&armcond_ac1_source=disable Or you can also change the last part to /control/control?set§ion=settings&armcond_ac1_source=%0 and add its string value to the properties then you can change the command value with a program.


thank you for the answer but probably I was not clear in my request.

To change the variables I know how to do it, I can't set the Command control correctly

With the camera I can connect and I have a value of True

After I have to configure the Command and I did not understand how to do the configuration

I have to send the camera a string like this:§ion=settings&armcond_ac1_source=enable

To send the above string, how should the Device Command be compiled?
I thank you for the help you will give me
Best regards

Open the command string editor and paste it in there(Your picture nr 2 - first line). Leave else as is and test if it works. 

Edit: I think the Encoding should be something else than ASCII try UTF8 instead.

Good morning,

thank you for the support.

I was able to get the IP notification to work.

I changed the POST setting to GET.

With GET it works even though in theory it shouldn't be correct.

Can you tell me why it works with GET?

I ask you another question.

Can the integrated Modbus port also be used for Bacnet with the new Jigsaw PRO model?

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I don't own any mobotix devices myself so I'm not able to test it. Probably it doesn't like POST because its not writable. Must read the manual. If GET works then it should works as a status.

Bacnet works with ethernet so You don't need the modbus port for that. Bacnet should work just fine with Jigsaw's.