Integration CC+Doorbird. How to open door?

Alessandro Azzolini 2 years ago in Devices / Http updated by Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 2 years ago 2

Hello, I'm would like to open door via DoorBird from BOS client

I imported DoorBird library example

Camera integration works fine

Relay 1 on Device Control (with same IP configuration) is not working

Any idea?

Many thanks in advance


Image 4035


Image 4034


I'm not using the Doorbird example. But I can tell you that I have the lock working with an HttpRequest.

Can you confirm if the model you're using has indeed more than one relay?

I usually use the D1101V which I think it only has 1 relay. So if that's the case, probably the system is trying to execute (according to the example) the cgi command bha-api/open-door.cgi?r=1 when it should only execute bha-api/open-door.cgi without the ?r=1

If it helps, in my configuration, where I'm not using the Doorbird example:

I have a task for the lock, which is basically a HttpRequest calling in my configuration

Inside the HttpRequest, I've set the username and password of the unit.

And I'm done, it's working.

Try to remove the ?r=1 from the Relay 1 command under Device control and try it again.

Hope it helps.

Best regards

Btw, one way to be sure if the lock is working via url, is to run the url on a browser and check if it's working.

For your unit, you can try both urls, with and without the ?r=1

This way you can check if your unit needs the ?r=1

In my case, it doesn't, because the units I use only have one relay.

Hope it's useful.

Best regards