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IP Door Phone Integration

João Ferreira 7 years ago in Devices / Cameras updated 7 years ago 3

Hello, I'm are trying to integrate an IP Door Phone (Robin Smartview SIP) with Confort Click
and with BOS Phone and we are getting some troubles. Only some features are working.


With Confort Click:

With Windows Client I cannot activate the streaming, it only shows the JPEG image. We want MJPEG or RTSP.
In the the Values separator of the IP Camera, the Streaming shows the value FALSE.
How could we activate the Streaming form FALSE to TRUE ?

NOTE: All the URLs were tested with Chrome and VLC and are working fine.

With BOS Phone:

It was tested in 2 phones:

In the first one (ZTE Blade A512, Android 6.0.1):

It is working fine with audio and video when calling from the Door Phone but it is not showing the command button to unlock the door.

In the other phone (Samsung S7 , Android 7.0.1):

I receive the SIP call from the door phone but when I hit the answer button the app is always crashing!

I will add some screenshots.

What could be wrong ?

Thank you

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Streaming function is only a Label, so you cannot change to TRUE, it is only showing if the camera is streaming or not. You must enable streaming on your camera in able to see that value change to TRUE.

Regarding your ZTE Blade A51 phone, when adding a contact, you must tick Door Phone checkbox and fill required fields.

Regarding your Samsung S7 phone, you must enable permissions on your phone in able to use the app.


Hello, thank you for the feedback.
The streaming is activated in the camera. I am able to see the streaming in the browser or in VLC. But not in ConfortClick.

Regarding the door unlock, it is configured to open via URL, but it does not show the button !

In my S7, bOS Phone has full permitions in the operating system but it crashes when I press the green answer button.

Thank you