Adding z-wave device parameters - Qubino

Andrew Watson 7 years ago in Devices / Z-Wave updated by Jure Lahajnar 7 years ago 1


I'm attempting to configure a Qubino thermostat ZMNHID. The supplier claims it is accredited but the device xml is not available in the Z-Wave Alliance web site. Device discovery shows the various functions (thermostat, power etc) but does not provide parameters. So I have added these using the "Parameter Details" dialogue and I can read the values with "get". I cannot write the values using the "set" function - it fails with an "index out of bounds" error, probably because I cannot define the "Values / Description" rows in the "Parameter Details" dialogue box.

So my question is can I import my own z-wave XML configuration file (just like I can import ETS files for my KNX devices) or can I populate the "Values / Description" rows?


Hi Andrew,

I failed to recreate the index out of bounds error. Does this error occur on any other device? Could you please copy-paste the complete error message.

Currently, importing your own xml files isn't possible. But we'll add the option to edit the Values list. Thank you for your input.