Can't start IP cameras

Rimas Traks 7 years ago in Devices / Cameras updated 7 years ago 5

Hi, does anyone can play Hikvision camera on iOS or windows client ?

I have tried million configuration, but still no luck :(



if I am paying these links on VLC it shows camera without any problem

also tried with:


still not working.

Also I have made low picture quality on camera settings, still not working :(

Ports on router are open, i can use local and external IP, on VLC works fine, on iOs or windows not.


does your camera supports ONVIF?

If it does, did you used "Configure" option in IP camera node?

If it does not, which streaming mode did you selected under settings (in configurator)?


Hi, yes it support ONVIF :) I have newer seen this configure button before :) after I have configure it, it work fine now :) Thank you so much :)


It has started because after ONVIF config it add link to JPEG snapshot http://%ip:101/onvif-http/snapshot?Profile_1

if I do changes to play MJPEG or MPEG its no difference, looks like it works only JPEG. I wanted to try rtsp or http play to get best video quality, JPEG picture has lag every 1 sec, I believe that rtso or http video can be more smooth.

You could try Direct mode. This uses VLC plugin.

We are aware of that delay. It will stay like that until we release new major version.

Direct mode can play both links rtsp and http with selected picture quality on camera :) but before it starts it gives 14 BOSClient.exe Entry point not find errors: vlc_fastmen_register,vlc_tlc_ClientDelete, aout_ChannelRestart and so on.. :) Also this mode does not work on iPhone, only on windows :( on PC video is smooth :)

also if I choose MJPEG or MPEG separe modes, it gives error: ReferenceError: "WebSocked" is undefined