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Show confirmation button not work properly on cancel

Valentin Popa 2 years ago in Devices / KNX updated by ComfortClick Support 2 years ago 6


I have a Hormann Garage Door with Hormann KNX Gateway where I have option for going Up and Down.

For this I create two buttons. One for Up and one for Down. When I press Up button I set show confirmation to true and I added a pin to avoid Garage Door opening by mistake since from there you can enter directly in my house.

These is my confirmation setting.

Image 3634

When I press button bellow confirmation appear 

Image 3635

Now come my problem.

If I put the pin everything is working fine and door is opening

If I press cancel (X button from right up corner) dialogue gone but instead to have same Garage Panel it go at main Panel.

So in case of aborting I should remain in same page.

Any idea if this is a bug and how I can fix it?

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I had the same problem.

Honestly I never found out the origin of the bug. I've noticed that after several updates of the server while keeping the same configuration. I guess that between updates something messed up.

I think I've redesigned the panel from scratch, and it started working properly.

Give it a try, create a brand new panel and insert everything from scratch, and see if it works.

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Which panel? In my case I just create everything from scratch. My project is new and now I add things on it.

But I just made a very small test.

1) I create a panel

2) I added a frame on that panel

3) I added a button on that frame

4) I enabled confirmation

Problem is same.

I don't remember if just recreated the panel on which the confirmation button is, or if I've rebuilt the all theme (or if I just made a Reload).

Create a separate theme, and add those things you've said, and test it out on the new theme. It doesn't work, and if your theme is still on the beginning, click New on the upper right menu (you'll loose your entire configuration).

I had the same problem, and I think I may have built my configuration again (I ended up by importing some already made stuff, etc).

But that's something to check out by the Comfortclick team, because it's not supposed to on a brand new configuration.

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Under review


thank you for reporting the issue. We have managed to recreate it. This information will be forwarded to our development team so we will try to fix it for the next release.

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I upgrade Jigsaw KNX from version 4.9.1 to 4.9.6 and problem is same.

Bug is still not fixed?

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Hello Valentin,

the fix didn't make it to our current release, we'll do our best and release it with the next update.

Best regards.