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KNX Wrong Group Addresses Import when use .knxproj

Valentin Popa 2 years ago in Devices / KNX updated 2 years ago 10

When I try to import KNX project exported from ETS5 as .esf extension Addresses are correct as in bellow image

Image 3609

When I try to import KNX project exported from ETS5 as .knxproj extension Addresses are not correct. Please see bellow image.

Image 3610

I use bos configurator 4.9.1.

Is this a bug?

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Hello Valentin,

indeed there is an issue with importing .knxproj at the moment, the issue has already been fixed and you should see this in the next release.

In the meantime, you can use .XML or .ESF to import your ETS into bOS.

Best regards, David

Thank you. 
Do you have any estimation time for  4.9.2?  . I suppose that this will be next release.


I upgrade Jigsaw KNX from version 4.9.1 to 4.9.6 and problem is same.

Bug is still not fixed?

Best Regards

I have the same problem. The knx proj is better for import with more information about the DPT.

After updating to 4.9.6 claiming that knx import is fixed and Jigsaw node is fixed I was not suprised to see that neither Jigsaw node is fixed or import. DPT in ETS set as 5.001 (scaling) imported to Jigsaw as 5.000 (undefined) in fact every single DPT is imported as undefined. I am sorry but I am pissed spending countless hours changing every single DPT imported. So please fix OPC value import as it was before.

Hello Kristian,

you can try updating your server to the latest Beta version and check if the import function works better for you.

Best regards

Same problem with ETS6?

Hello everyone,

to clarify a couple of things;

when importing .esf file you will not receive all information about DPT's, because .esf file doesn't contain that information.

We recommend using .xml  file for importing group addresses in bOS. Recently we also added support for .knxproj file but it had some bugs, which were fixed in the latest beta version. We will also be releasing a new stable version containing all fixes when it comes to .knxproj imports.

Both .xml and .knxproj should work normally when importing into bOS (both ETS5 and ETS6).

Hope this helps.

Best regards, David


Thank you David for your fast, precise and documented answer.



I try with last release 4.9.8 and import is working fine.

Thank you for fixing the issue.