Settings suddenly different

Emmanuela1984 3 years ago in Devices / KNX updated 3 years ago 2

From last week all the settings off the light have changed suddenly. Some lights doens't work any more and others don't do what I want them to do. I can't even login. What is happening?? 

I guess that you have to be more specific. We don't know anything about your system, like bOS version, Windows or Linux machine (like Jigsaw), what kind of devices are you having problems (KNX, Zigbee, ...) etc. And most important, what are you doing that leads to that problem.

Most of us are running the most recent updates (4.9.x) and apparently none of us had any severe problems.

So it would be useful to know more about it, so that the Comfortclick team or us (user / installers) can have a clue about what might be wrong with your system.

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We have KNX, ComfortClick and bOS Client. The bOS client doesn't open on my mobile phone and even not on my laptop. Yesterday evening I just came home and all the lights were different. I didn't do anything because yesterday morning it all worked normally. 

where can I see the version when the apps doesn't open? It just tries to connect but doesn't succeed in connecting.